Dr Roni Zeiger, Chief Health Strategist, Google: “you should walk into your doctor’s office with a video camera or tape recorder”

I encourage loved ones to take a tape recorder or video camera to their doctor’s appointments, especially ones where new or critical issues will be discussed like whether or not to have surgery or how aggressive to be in treating a cancer. Most of us have experienced how little one actually remembers when fear or stress levels are high. Being able to review the conversation again later can make a huge difference in understanding and better decision making.

As a doctor, does it make me nervous when someone wants to record our conversation? Yes. Because it holds me even more accountable to communicating clearly and taking good care of my patients

Quote from Should Patients Read Doctors Notes? Wrong Question e-Patients and Huffington Post.

I think it’s inevitable that this is going to continue to happen either openly or covertly. With mobile handsets now being the most popular tape and video recorders I’m confident that this will be a major mHealth use case that Healthcare providers will have to learn to manage.

When Doctors have to be sure that they are seen to be taking a complete medical history I’m certain that interactive patient history taking questionnaires (like those we use at 3G Doctor to empower our patients) will become critical to the practice of care because:

> Doctors will want to be sure that they aren’t caught out for forgetting to ask a particular question

> Patients won’t be able to afford the much longer consultation sessions that are required if Doctors are going to have to include the as-taught comprehensive patient history taking process with every consultation.

3 Responses to Dr Roni Zeiger, Chief Health Strategist, Google: “you should walk into your doctor’s office with a video camera or tape recorder”

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