Still not convinced of the potential of mobile phones as medical devices?

Can you imagine a simple camera phone picture that can be used with a cheap disposable accessory to accurately test a patient at home for adrenal insufficiency, bilirubinuria, calciuria, fluid intake, glucosuria, Hematuria, hypoaldosteronism, leukocyturia, Nitrituria, phenylketonuria, phosphaturia, Proteinuria, pyuria, renal failure?

Well there’s no need to anymore as the Line HQ team, winners of the Stockholm Health Hack Day Challenge have shown it’s already possible:

Standard Urine Test Strip + Camera Phone + Cloud based image processing and analysis = millions of new opportunities to engage with our health at anytime and (nearly) anyplace

When you think this little app was conceived and developed over a weekend it really doesn’t take much imagination to think of how informed Doctor advice service providers (like us here at 3G Doctor) will be providing inclusive home health check services incorporating such point of care testing/analysis in the not too distant future…

How long before we realise we’ve already got the Tricorder in our pockets?

6 thoughts on “Still not convinced of the potential of mobile phones as medical devices?

  1. You want just a regular ofifce-based doctor (family medicine or internal medicine). They are able to handle the vast majority of cases of hemorrhoids and smelly urine. They will also be able to help you figure out what kind of specialist you need in the unlikely event that your condition is too complex for them to handle (which is quite unlikely since they handle hemorrhoids and smelly urine on a daily basis!).

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