Twitter for Health 2

Following a previous post about the use of twitter with automation to empower low cost connected health solutions, it was amazing to read about “KickBee” an innovation from Corey Menscher, a very promising masters candidate at the NYI Interactive Telecommunications Program.


The wearable device has been named the KickBee and is constructed from elastic and piezo sensors that detect movement and transmit (via bluetooth and a java application on his mobile) to notify twitter whenever his unborn baby kicks inside the womb. It has already featured in an impressive number of mainstream press (including the Daily Mail, Gizmodo, Engadget, New York Daily News and Trendhunter)

Whilst the actual Twitter posts may well be a little too personal for public posting, the fetal activity monitoring concept could be used with a professional gynecological telemedicine platform to offer low cost non invasive baby and mother health monitoring possibilities that could deliver considerable research and health benefits.

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  1. clmensch says:

    I’m the creator of the Kickbee, and I just thought I’d mention that I specifically chose Twitter because you can set feeds to be private. The initial concept was really for my wife to share these experiences remotely with me only (hence the personalized “I kicked Mommy” posts). But since the project was completed in the context of graduate school, and was presented publicly at our semesterly exhibition, I opened it up to the public.

    I’ve received messages from expecting families who would like to use the Kickbee to help monitor fetal activity and share with their doctor. While the Kickbee is not currently capable of detecting the minute “tumbling” and turning movements inside the womb, which a doctor would presumably consider significant, with a little more development it may become a useful solution for this.

    Great blog, by the way. I just found it thanks to your post on Kickbee, but I’ll definitely be following it!

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