The two most important lessons in mHealth…

Peter Kruger from theMobileHealthCrowd has posted an interesting discussion of how the “sledgehammer approach to healthcare IT development and deployment, where billions of dollars are spent developing services that healthcare providers assume will be regarded, by patients, as beneficial” is not serving to reduce costs and improve outcomes. In the discussion he covers the 2 issues which i think are at the crux of the success or failure of mHealth projects:

> If the patient cannot readily identify the benefit of a new healthcare IT system they will not use it – even if it is free at the point of care.

> If the work flow of front-line healthcare worker is not improved by using a new mobile healthcare system then they will not use it.

As a result those massive development costs will end up being amortized over a handful of deployments making services based on even the simplest, low cost devices… …prohibitively expensive.

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