Intel Health Guide adds 3G Connectivity…

Whilst it’s good news to hear that Intel have finally seen sense to add 3G to their Health Guide the arrival of the press release reminded me of the appalling user experience when I got hands on with the device at last months NHS Healthcare Innovations Expo.

Intel Health Guide

Here’s a few of the quite obvious faults that I noticed during a demo of a device that’s already deployed with the UK’s NHS…

> This has got to be the first touch screen keyboardless device that I’ve ever seen that expects the user to use a cursor

> Do patients really need to see redundant buttons (eg. the “Scroll Up” and “Scroll Down” ones that can be seen in the picture)

> Some of the questions are so unpersonalised and pointless that i find it hard to believe that they have been developed with patient consultation… Intel would do well to talk with specialists

> Video Conferencing on a device that is placed in the centre of a home brings with it several privacy issues, I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to slide the cover over the camera lens.

> Customizable content is one thing but the content I experienced is so 1st generation that it’s unusable for a care provider who should expect more from the provider of a regulated Medical Device. Particularly as this device comes with proprietary software and there are no plans to open the SDK to developers.

More information on the Intel Health Guide and Intel in Healthcare.

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