Triple Tree release report on Wireless & Mobile Health

Triple Tree Logo

Triple Tree have launched their latest Wireless & Mobile Health report, available for download here (1.3MB PDF), and it’s an interesting ‘North American’ perspective on the mHealth market.

Only in America would you need to explain that SMS (the $120 Billion biggest data application on the planet) means “Short Message Service or text messaging” within a mHealth industry paper!

A few obviously missing pieces would include the lack of mention of the Korean wireless powerhouses of LG or Samsung (who have extensive consumer mHealth deployments) or appreciation of the high profile non-consumer brands that Philips have in the medical industry (if this was an European paper they would have probably profiled Philips instead of Apple!).

Companies that feature in the report include:

Amcom Software, AmericanWell, Apple, Awarepoint, Best Buy, BeWell Mobile, BodyMedia, Boston Scientific, Cardionet, CellTrak Technologies, Cisco, Continua Health Alliance, CTIA Wireless Association, DataDyne, Diversinet, Epocrates, GE, Google, GreatCall/Jitterbug, HP, IBM, Intel, IntelliDOT, InTouch Health, MedApps, Medtronic, MicroCHIPS, Microsoft, Nike, Nokia, Philips, PhiloMetron, Proteus Biomedical, Siemens, St Jude, Tagnos, Triage Wireless, UnitedHealth Group, United Nations Foundation, University of Colorado, Qualcomm, Quantia MD, Vital Wave Consulting, Vocera, Vodafone Foundation, Walgreens and the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance.

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