3G Doctor Exhibition

3G Doctor had a exhibition booth at the event and we used it to demonstrate some of the mHealth technologies we are developing and the opportunities we offer partners for collaboration. These include:

3G Video Consultations with our independent registered Doctors:

Secure Mobile Health Record Creation, Management and Sharing Tools:

Harley Street TV Content on Mobile:

The support of an array of Medical Sensor and Point of Care Testing technologies including A) Secure Mobile Patient Interviewing Technologies B) HIV Mobile Education and Testing Kit C) Bluetooth Validated Weighing Scale D) RFID/NFC Medication Compliance Application E) Bluetooth Validated Blood Pressure Monitor F) Bluetooth Range Detecting “never-leave-at-home-again” Eye Drop Dispenser

The suggestions and ideas we heard when demonstrating our products and services were fascinating and have given us lots of new insightful ideas. One of the big take away lessons I took from the event was that this convergent industry is bringing lots of really talented people from the care industry into the domain of the mobile industry. If you’re one of them be careful not to fall for the many myths of mobile… get some background reading out of the way over the Christmas break (eg. Tomi Ahonen’s excellent set of publications Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media, Digital Korea, M-Profits: Making Money from 3G Services) or for something free to get started with right away check out the Mobile Society Report – an excellent thought piece by Alan Moore.

This blog post is part of a series of reviews from the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit. Click here to get the full review.e

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