Conference Workshops (pre and post)

In addition to the two days of conference the event also hosted two smaller interactive workshops.

The pre Conference workshop entitled “Creating a Viable mHealth Strategy” took place on Monday 30th November and was led by Fabio Sergio, Creative Director, Frog Design. This full day workshop looked at how organizations can make the most of the emerging opportunities presented by mobile healthcare with a special focus on the behavioural and motivational issues that needed to be catered for by successful mHealth solutions.

Check out Fabio’s slide deck over at SlideShare

The post Conference workshop looked at how mHealth technoloiges might impact on Healthcare in emerging markets and was led by Ruchi Dass, Business Head, Kayaguru Health Solutions. The workshop discussed the feasibility, need gap, major challenges as well as the “what, why and hows” for “end-user and service provider”. For minutes of the workshop visit Dr Ruchi Bhatt’s Healthcare India Blog

This blog post is part of a series of reviews from the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit. Click here to get the full review.

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5 Responses to Conference Workshops (pre and post)

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  2. Dr Manav says:

    Hi 3G,

    I somehow completely missed those workshops as they were not published in the Summit agenda event guide. I however got a very special chance to meet Dr Ruchi personally nd to be frank this girl makes a lot of sense. I would request please market such valuable workshop well so that we can be a part of this.

    The workshop seems good with a lot of knowledge , i just checked the blog


  3. ANDERS says:

    The post confernce workshop was an eyeopener, the diversity of India is applaudable and we got to know some seriuos insights of the industry there. Ruchi Dass did a wonderful job.I wish her the best and look forward to meet her in Mobile healthcare Industry summit 2010

  4. Tobia says:

    Great Job….

  5. ramakanth says:

    Great workshop

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