MoMo AMS #14 Ivor Kovic

Ivor is a Medical Doctor from Croatia who works on the front line with the Pazin ambulance service and carries as many as 16,000 eBooks on his phone, and like an increasing number of young Doctors he has clearly grasped the opportunity for mobiles to transform healthcare, but his enthusiasm was like nothing I have seen before. The video of his inspirational talk is well worth watching if you need any convincing that Doctors are going to be luddites when it comes to adoption of mHealth, particularly as the examples he used were so compelling from the perspective of their front line needs. His talk covered areas as diverse as:

The increasing mention of Mobile Phones in Medical Research (which I still don’t think is anywhere near enough!):

The increasing public use of Mobile Phones for making ambulance calls (more recent data shows that in 2010 we are now well over 99% of all emergency calls originating from mobiles)

Maxine Fallon, the Haiti Earthquake survivor, who used text messaging to direct her rescue. (Although I wish he’d also given the example of Dan Wooley who used an iPhone medical application to treat himself – which begs the question as to when regulators – UN, GSMA? – will realise the opportunity for mandating that every mobile is embedded with basic first aid information and maybe even a digital folder where patients could store their basic Patient Health Information eg. NoK, blood type, allergies etc)

How mobile books were transforming the care experience for Doctors enabling him to always have reliable, safe and up to date data at hand.

“The Holy Grail”: Patient Records available anywhere, anytime and the need for this to be on a mobile:

His Open ECG Project, which I must introduce to members of the OpenIsland OpenHealth community I met with in Belfast last week.

How first responders are using cameraphones, Ivor is one of the increasing numbers of emergency responders who are capturing images of accidents on their mobiles and he explained the very important benefits these images are offering trauma care specialists when they are trying to plan their care.

In a couple of nods to the mHealth future, Ivor looked at possibilities of the iStethoscope which uses a specially adapted headset microphone to enable a mobile to listen to and share auscultation sounds:

…and a way of adapting the Zoll Pocket CPR application through the use of a prototype medical device he has constructed which ensures easier use:

Watch the Video, view Ivor Kovic’s Slide deck. This post is part of a set reporting from Mobile Monday Amsterdam #14.

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4 Responses to MoMo AMS #14 Ivor Kovic

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  2. Ivor says:

    Wow man, great review!

    Keep up the great work you are doing of empowering medical workers with useful mobile technology tools.


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