MoMo AMS #14 Organisers

Marc Fonteijn, Maarten den Braber, Marijn Pannevis, Sam Warnaars, Yuri van Geest did a fabulous job of ensuring there was an eclectric speaker list and that each one was prepared and ready to walk about, engage with the audience and have their opinions heard.

Somehow they also got the time in between all this to organise the conversion of a church into a conference room and bring an educated audience 400+ strong…

Not to be outdone by the mHealth theme Marc Fonteijn even teamed up with Nikolai Onken and demoed a service that enabled him to collect the output from a Polar T31 Heart Rate Monitor on a iPhone and then tweet the results live on Twitter. This Vimeo video shows some more of the very interesting work being done by Nikolai – if this interests you you’ll definitely want to check out the HumanAPI project he is working on.

Watch the Video. This post is part of a set reporting from Mobile Monday Amsterdam #14.

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