Only 27% said they would trust a Federal Agency or Technology Firm with their Health Records

Jeff Rowe at Healthcare IT News reports on a recent poll, conducted by Larry Ponemon, Director at the Michigan-based Ponemon Institute, that indicates a public that is “largely inclined to allow physicians to share patient data” is “much more wary” when it comes to allowing federal officials or non-healthcare private companies the same access with only 27% or the 868 Americans surveyed saying that they would trust a federal agency or a technology firm (like Google, Microsoft or GE).

As a lack of trust continues to undermine expensive attempts to introduce electronic patient record systems should we not be looking to find a happy medium?

My bet is on private mHealth companies that can offer secure connectivity between patients, their information and the care process. I also think the need for trust is so important that these need to be operated by registered Doctors.

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