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In addition to our services offering members of the UK and Irish public mobile access to their important health information and the advice of informed Doctors, this year in Barcelona we were showcasing 3 new products from 3G Doctor:

1) An ultra lightweight application we’ve designed and built that enables patients with basic phones to easily create, manage and share the important medical information for their family – functionality that we think Mobile Phone manufacturers and Mobile Operators should be preinstalling onto mobile phones particularly in emerging markets. We were pleased to learn that this has a great fit with the GSMA’s mWomen initiative (more about that here)

2) Our new “Connected Care Application” which is designed to replace the screen locks found on high end touchscreen smartphones (which have since Q4 2009 been the most popular form factor for new Smartphones). These conventionally prevent a phone being used (except to make emergency calls) by requiring the user to enter a password. By replacing this with our new application the phone can be used to present your important medical information and request informed help – either via a conventional emergency 911/999/112 emergency call, via an emergency 3G Video Call to 3G Doctor or by pressing a button that will send a predefined text message to the owners next of kin(s). The application also features location awareness (to help the patient/helper easily and accurately identify where they are) and language options (which can also help ensure those answering assistance calls are aware of potential language barriers). From meetings at the event we’ve got some more ideas and will be making a few more improvements to this including the implementation of an additional “help” button designed to be pressed by a distressed patient that will initiate the playing of an alert siren that would direct helpers and encourage them to use the patients mobile.

3) New Mobile Video Content from our partners at Harley Street TV which includes powerful short films featuring the worlds most respected clinicians sharing their expertise. Exciting developments are happening with this content for example the Breast Cancer videos, featuring leading Surgeons, Oncologists and Patients discussing the issues of Breast Cancer, have now gone live on the website of the “Walk the Walk” Charity – an organisation that has raised more than £60M for breast cancer. Very powerful stuff that is enabling our remote Doctors to add value through familiarity and shared experiences prior to consultations.

The week was action packed. In addition to countless meetings I attended all the mHealth sessions, visited all of the exhibition stands of companies showcasing Health technologies and participated in the Mobile Augmented Reality Showcase to ensure the potential mHealth innovations of this exciting technology got an airing with the developer community.

I hope you’ll check out my full review and feel encouraged to share your thoughts and feedback.

This blog post is part of a series of mHealth reviews from the Mobile World Congress 2010. Click here to get the full review.

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