Aerotel Medical Systems

The Aerotel team had a busy event demoing their suite of solutions for the mHealth market. First up is the GeoSkeeper which is a “Personal Communicator with Distress Alarm and GPS Location” a product designed to serve a wide audience made up of the “elderly, chronically ill, children or lone workers”.

Capable of full remote (over-the-air) programming this capable wrist worn device includes a built-in Cellular Speakerphone, embedded quad-band GSM/GPRS module, speed dialling buttons, automated answering (from predefined callers), GPS Location and Tracking and “geofencing feature” which offers accurate location of users who wander outside a specified zone (e.g. neighbourhood or school area).

Next up is the HeartOne™, a pocketsize “transtelephonic single lead ECG Event Recorder” .

Patients simply place their thumbs on the designated electrodes and push a button to record a rhythm lead. The recorded result is then transmitted to the “Heartline Receiving Station” by dialing in and playing the audio code down the telephone line.

Other gadgets on show included a bluetooth blood pressure monitor, JnJ’s OneTouch Bloog Glucose Monitor and Aerotel’s home base station solution.

A really good sign of the times was the level of interest that I saw from delegates at the Aerotel Stand. Definitely one to watch.

This blog post is part of a series of mHealth reviews from the Mobile World Congress 2010. Click here to get the full review.

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