Prof Leonid Androuchko, TeleHealth Coordinator ITU: “This mHealth is a little confusing to me”

Healthcare IT New’s Jack Beaudoin is reporting that interest in the mHealth opportunity has reached the eHealth delegates attending the Med-e-Tel conference in Luxembourg.

The organiser of the mHealth session (that I referred to on my blog before) Leonid Androuchko, Professor of Telecommunications at the International University of Geneva and a coordinator for Telehealth with the International Telecommunication Union is qouted:

“This mHealth is a little confusing to me. But we will get a title for this soon, and it will be the right one… …mHealth projects (are currently a) creative mess… …We have seen several (uncoordinated) projects in the same country, covering the same ground, that are not communicating with each other… …we could be missing some real benefits.”

I hope he gets a chance to read my blog post defining mHealth.

Krishnan Ganapathy, President of the Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation and co-founder of the Telemedicine Society of India, added to this with the statement: “I’m frustrated, I can order pizza on my mobile phone but I can’t manage my health?”

Maybe Dr Ganapathy should move to the UK/Ireland?

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