What is Mobile Health?

In the following SlideDeck Neil Versel, a Healthcare IT Journalist, has made an attempt to answer “What is Mobile Health?”

Despite the reference to this blog in the resources the conclusions aren’t entirely surprising given the USA’s slow adoption of Mobile and SMS but for the record:

mHealth/Mobile Health = the use of Mobile (the newest Mass Media) to deliver Healthcare.

It’s definitely not:

For largely the same reasons that for billions of people across the world the following picture isn’t what they want when they ask for a Phone:

Check out the full list of presentations and Videos from “@Hand mobile technologies in academia + medicine”, a Symposium presented by the University of Maryland Baltimore Health Science and Human Services Library.

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2 Responses to What is Mobile Health?

  1. Brendon S says:

    Over the next few days I'll interview some of the participants here to get a better understanding of mHealth current and future applications can be developed on mobile phones to improve health care in developing countries.

  2. Kevin Maloney says:

    Bill Crounse,MD Head of Worldwide Health Sales published info that’s been out there for years about Doctors being able to handwrite their notes on a tablet PC, like the one sold by Microsoft ( Their “Srface” line of computers ). His article “Bill Crounse Right Sized ” entices physicians to purchase Microsoft Products OneNote and Surface Computers. Bill Crounse however just retired ond now officially and emphatically states that Microsoft OneNote can not be used as an EMR. Please contact me if you purchased OneNote or A Microsoft computer as a result of advertising by Dr Crounse of Microsoft. Contact me as your medical records may be at risk of being lost and you could be in violation of strict HIPAA rules and reulations. Microsoft Attorney Brien Jacobsen recently stated that Microsoft “Polices” our computer content. This happened to me and I feel an obligation to report this and notify others who may have interpreted Dr Crounse’s articles as advertisements. Microsoft is responsible to aid you in protecting your medical records if you are using OneNote as an EMR as reported on Dr Bill Crounse Blog article dated 1/27/2010 still in circulation.
    Kevin Maloney,MD
    Feel free to call or email harbor1234@.com

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