Imagine Nokia/Samsung/LG built this…

The Near-Eye Tool for Refractive Assessment (or NETRA for short) has been created at MIT by lab student Vitor Pamplona with help from post-doc Ankit Mohan and Professors Ramesh Raskar and Manuel Oliveira, this simple $1 tool together with a basic display application enables affordable eye exams to be conducted in emerging markets.

“To use NETRA, a patient simply peers into a small lens attached to a smartphone, loaded with the testing app. On screen, they seen parallel red and green lines; then, they use arrow keys on the phone to adjust those lines until they overlap. After just two minutes of testing, the app spits out an eyeglass prescription”

Full story and Video at FastCompany

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1 Response to Imagine Nokia/Samsung/LG built this…

  1. Fabulous find David, I love it. Let the disruption continue 🙂

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