Video calls: A face odyssey

Rhodri Marsden in the Ideas Technology section of today’s Independent has written an interesting article that mentions how at 3G Doctor we’re connecting UK and Irish patients with registered informed Doctors using the FaceTime Mobile Video on the iPhone 4.

The article talks of how mobile video calling has the potential to change the way we make phone calls and it’s list of things a caller might currently do whilst on a phone call really struck a chord with one of the big benefits we’re seeing at 3G Doctor. If you’re paying to remotely consult with an informed professional isn’t it reassuring to know that they aren’t…

> doodling absent-mindedly
> sprawled on the sofa gazing in the vague direction of the TV
> pacing up and down, gesturing wildly and rolling their eyes in fury

The article also looks at the somewhat littered history of video calling which started with the demonstration of AT&T’s Picturephone back in 1964 at the New York World Fair.

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