More details emerge on Skypes mHealth Interests

Revealed here first, a big thanks to Brian Dolan at MobiHealthNews for getting the low down on this one.

According to Linda Summers, Skype’s Director of Marketing & Operations for the Mobile Business Unit, they have a no specific involvement in the mHealth market but an involvement in the forthcoming mHealth Summit that came about through their partnership with an existing sponsor – US mobile operator Verizon.

Oddly dismissive when their mobile video calling product is so good, there’s an announcement on their corporate blog that they’ve partnered with the UCSF Childrens Hospital and Medical Centre to offer patients Skype video calls so that they can socially connect with their friends and family who are outside Hospitals (sounds like an excellent use case particularly if it was incorporated on bedside patient terminals in wards that had heightened issues with infection control or for patients who had elderly relatives for whom the visit to hospital might be difficult) and the information revealed by Summers that Skype is participating in the trial of remote video consultations within an Australia neurological centre.

I wonder if Skypes hesitation has anything to do with the privacy requirements? I wonder how long it’ll be before Skype is able to state their product is secure enough for use by Healthcare professionals?

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2 Responses to More details emerge on Skypes mHealth Interests

  1. Brian Dolan says:

    David, you are correct.

    Summers did mention that HIPAA concerns in the US and similar privacy/regulatory rules in other markets were the key reason that Skype is hesitant about healthcare.

    Apologies: I should have included that originally.


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