“This is not about mobile health or e-health, this is about patients”

O2 has followed the parent company and officially launched “O2 Health” according to Mobile News with a promise to “implement simple technologies in new ways to allow patients and healthcare organisations to streamline care”.

All looks great but a little disappointing when you visit the O2 Health site and have to read about “Industry Solutions”

Or go online at O2’s Mobile Portal “O2 Active” and see how patients today are presented with no Healthcare content at all:

After all isn’t it fair to say that “Lottery Results, Flirty Fun, Adult, Chat, Bet & Win” makes up the content diet that O2’s patients are receiving today?

I can’t but help wonder if this operators approach to Healthcare would be more effective if they’d documented how they’ve been eating their “own dog food” with perhaps an announcement stating how they’d helped to improve the health of their 10,000+ UK employees or the popularity of mHealth services on their portals.

Check out the press release – in which they also take credit for the (very impressive) Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust solution that Blackberry claimed they developed/deployed last year.

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2 Responses to “This is not about mobile health or e-health, this is about patients”

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