Which? “Mobiles carry 18 times more bacteria than a public toilet”

In my opinion the major mobile handset manufacturers are mistaken to be overlooking the marketability of a washable device (particularly for Healthcare workers) and this persists despite wide media attention that the issue has been generating for some time (ABC News 2006, Symbian Freak, etc)

The latest issue of Which? magazine publishes the results of more research showing that some mobiles are covered with 18 times more bacteria than the “flush handle in a men’s toilet” and that ~25% of handsets had “levels of bacteria exceeding recommended maximums”.

As the dirtiest thing that is brought into a hospital you’ve got to wonder why no mobile handset manufacturer has decided to make a product targeted at those working in the Healthcare industry? How long before we have patients asking their carers “Are you using a washable mobile?”? Just try and imagine the sales impact it’ll have once the ad agency’s start marketing it…

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5 Responses to Which? “Mobiles carry 18 times more bacteria than a public toilet”

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  2. big issue. MRSA and most bacteria, fungus and viruses highly susceptible to cationic silver impregnated polyurethane protectors. http://www.RidRx.com

  3. Hi Blaine,

    Have you any documentation of the effectiveness of your products in combating the spread of infections?

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