Nokia N8 advert features mHealth innovation

Whilst it’s great to see an example of mHealth featuring in a Nokia advert I’m left scratching my head…

The N8 is Nokia’s flagship smartphone and having been using one for some testing this week I can vouch for it’s incredible capabilities… but one thing’s for certain no one is going to be using this as a microscope substitute and what’s the point promoting the dated N95 anyway?

The devil’s in the detail and after the confusion generated by a glaring reporting error at the Guardian I’d hope we’re all aware of the need to be careful about hyping mHealth abilities – especially when you don’t need it because you’ve been responsible for as much convergence as the Nokia brand. Whilst there are viable reasons for the use of mobiles for infield testing in emerging markets (although personally I think diagnostic test kits are probably going to offer cheaper/easier/more reliable alternatives) there are 1000 good reasons why laboratories that are already equiped like the one in this video are not going to be substituting their microscopes with Nokia cameraphones.

Instead of mHealth innovation for the few (similar to the demos we saw Ericsson presenting at MWC) why isn’t the worlds biggest mobile manufacturer targeting mHealth opportunities with mass market appeal?

Suggestions might include preinstalling first aid and general health advice or a password protected Health Record folder that could help patients keep tabs on their basic health data, vaccines etc…

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