mHealth Summit Press TeleConference Posted

If you missed today’s official Press Teleconference ahead of next weeks mHealth Summit taking place in Washington DC catch up by the .

mhealth Alliance Press Briefing by UN Dispatch

My Thoughts/Highlights:

“What is mHealth, well it’s simply making health wireless”
Adele Waugaman of the UN Foundation

mHealth is so much more… we’ve had wireless for decades, mHealth is the leverage of Mobile, the newest Mass Media, to improve Health. Read about the 8 already identified unique advantages and how they can be leveraged.

The announcement of Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus as a board member of the mHealth Alliance is incredible as the ability to get paid is a fundamental barrier faced by the mHealth market and his experience with Telenor must have given him an incredible insight into the challenges of trying to serve for-profit and social business objectives.

Richard Scarfo, mHealth Summit Director of the Foundation for the National Institutes for Health, gave a great overview of the event, I don’t know about you but I find these stats amazing and stand as a testamentary to the hard work they’ve put into making this happen:

2,000 delegates
~40 mobile operators
46 different countries
40 exhibiting companies
185 poster presentations

David Aylward, Exec Director of the mHealth Alliance: Introduced the “speed donor meetings” that are being organised for the first day. This is for teams with projects to meet with potential financial supporters which is a very important and interesting development.

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