mHealth Events for 2011

In 2010 I counted more than 45 mHealth themed events and with 2011 fast approaching I thought I’d start compiling a list of the events we’ve got to look forward to for 2011. Of course if you know of any more please add them in the comments and I’ll update the list:

Digital Health & Silvers Summit at CES, Las Vegas, USA
7 Jan

The Business of Healthcare, University of Miami, USA
12-14 Jan

Continua European Symposium, Brussels, Belgium
17-18 Jan

Personalized Medicine World Conference, Mountain View, USA
18-19 Jan

Mobile Health Summit, Toronto, Canada
25-26 Jan

NDRC Healthcare Showcase, Dublin, Ireland**
3 Feb

Medication Adherence and mHealth, Washington DC, USA
9 Feb

CareWare, Aarhus, Denmark*
10-13 Feb

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain*
14-17 Feb

Mobile & Wireless Healthcare 2011, Birmingham, UK*
16 Feb

Wireless Health Conference, Sydney, Australia
18 Feb

mHealth’s evolving role in meaningful use, Orlando, USA
26 Feb

European mHealth Alliance Conference, Manchester, UK
28 Feb – 1 Mar

CTIA Wireless, Florida, USA**
22-24 Mar

Symposium on mHealth Strategy for Latin America, Lima, Peru
25-26 Mar

Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit Review, London, UK*
26 Mar

mHealth Networking Conference, Chicago, USA
30-31 Mar

Mobile Healthcare Conference, Berlin, Germany
4–6 Apr

Med-e-Tel, Luxembourg
6-8 Apr

Healthcare Innovation Day, Washington DC, USA**
28 Apr

ATA 2011, Florida, USA*
1-3 May

Mobile Health 2011, Stanford, USA
3-5 May

AT&T Foundry: mHealth DevCamp, Palo Alto, CA
9-10 May

6th Annual Convergence Summit, San Diego, USA
10-12 May

MobileHealth @ MobiHoc, Paris, France
16-20 May

Body Sensor Networks 2011, Dallas, USA
23-25 May

Pervasive Health 2011, Dublin, Ireland
23-26 May

Work Wellness & m-Health, Aberdeen, Scotland
26 May

Rural & Remote TeleHealth Conference, Cairns, Australia
29-31 May

Healthcare CIO mHealth Forum, Istanbul, Turkey
31 May

MobileCollective ThinkCamp – mHealth 2011, London, UK**
3 Jun

GSMA-mHA Mobile Health Summit, Cape Town, South Africa**
6-9 Jun

Smart Healthcare Live, Excel, London, UK**
14-15 Jun

EuMHA: MHealth – Helping The EU Digital Agenda, Brussels, Belgium
16 Jun

ePatient Connections 2011, Barcelona, Spain
20-21 Jun

Frontiers of Interaction, Florence, Italy
20-21 Jun

Mobile Healthcare: Innovations in Telemedicine, Washington DC, USA
20-24 Jun

Policy Workshop on Smartphones and Other Mobile Devices in Healthcare, Boston MA, USA
21 Jun

mHealth Expo,
New York, USA
21-23 Jun

Doctors 2.0, Paris, France**
22-23 Jun

mHealth: How Mobile can make us Healthier, Mobile Portland, USA
27 Jun

pHealth 2011, Lyon, France**
29 Jun – 1 Jul

Mobile Health: Innovations in Care and the Spectrum Challenge, Washington DC, USA
26 Jul

MobiHealth DC, Arlington VA, USA
28 Jul

World Congress Leadership Summit on mHealth, Boston, USA
28-29 Jul

Take This Pill and Tweet Me in the Morning: How Advances in Social Media and Mobile Health are Creating Consumer-centric Healthcare, CHI, San Diego
4 Aug

Mobile Health – SV Forum, Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, USA
4 Aug

TELUS: Unleasing the power of mHealth, Toronto, Canada**
9 Aug

panAfrican Health Summit, Abuha, Nigeria
9-11 Aug

Unleashing the Power of mHealth & Telemedicine, Seattle, WA, USA
15-16 Aug

mHealth Evidence Workshop, Maryland, USA
16 Aug

Mobile Health Asia Summit, Sheraton Towers, Singapore
22-25 Aug

mHealth MasterClass, Health Informatics Scotland Conference, Edinburgh, UK**
12 Sep

FDA Public Workshop – Mobile Medical Applications Draft Guidance, Maryland, USA
12-13 Sep

mHealth Breakfast Briefing, London, UK**
14 Sep

Ambient Assisted Living and Connected Health Symposium, Dundalk, Ireland*
15-16 Sep

Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit, Brussels, Belgium**
20-22 Sep

Ambient Assisted Living Forum, Lecce, Italy
26-27 Sep

HealthStartUp, Brussels, Belgium
5 Oct

Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare, Kos, Greece
5-7 Oct

Pharmaceutical m-Health, London, UK**
10-11 Oct

CTIA Enterprise & Applications, San Diego, USA
10-13 Oct

Wireless Health 2011, San Diego, USA**
10-13 Oct

Is Mobile Health the next killer app?, NYU Medical Centre, New York
12 Oct

Mobile technologies in e-Health, HSC ICT Seminar, Belfast**
13 Oct

BCS: Medical Apps Seminar, Anglia Ruskin University, UK**
18 Oct

Connected Health Symposium, Boston, USA
19-21 Oct

Mobile Health 2011 Conference, Dubai, UAE
1-2 Nov

Smart Device & Mobile User Experience Summit, London*
1-2 Nov

Mobile Health Expo, Las Vegas, USA
9-11 Nov

TeleMedicon 2011, Mumbai, India*
10-13 Nov

TELUS mHealth Meeting, Canada*
14 Nov

The International Telecare and Telehealth Conference 2011, London, UK**
16 Nov

Medica, Dusseldorf, Germany*
16-19 Nov

HISI Conference and Scientific Symposium, Dublin, Ireland**
16-17 Nov

Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit Middle East, Dubai, UAE*
28-29 Nov

Mobile Strategies for Pharma, London, UK**
1-2 Dec

mHealth Summit, Washington DC, USA**
5-7 Dec

* We’re going ** We’re Presenting/Exhibiting

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13 Responses to mHealth Events for 2011

  1. James Smith says:
    Tues 25th – Wed 26th January
    Toronto, Canada
    REVIEW event
    26th March
    London, UK

  2. James Smith says:
    Weds 16th Feb
    Birmingham, UK

  3. Jermaine says:

    This is a great resource, thank you for compiling the list.

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