mHealth makes it to SyFy DVICE homepage

What’s the solution to monitor, report and, perhaps, even treat any and all of these conditions? Your smart phone. That’d be one smart smartphone, right? Well, it’s not that smart right now, but it will be… …In the coming months, you’ll be hearing a lot about something called “mHealth,” which literally could be the most life-altering technological leap in our lives. mHealth is short for “mobile health.” mHealth is not one single technology — it’s not even a new technology. mHealth is an ecosystem and takes advantage of a lot of existing, mature technology — hardware, software, local wireless communications and telecommunications infrastructure. Enough folks now know about, own and have access to all the varying pieces to the point where a reliable multi-point system can be built — no, is being built. Think of mHealth as your own, personal OnStar system, only your body is the car

About DVICE: “Technology is our obsession. Whether it’s the next hot music player or a new Mars lander, we want to know about it, write about it, and shake it till it breaks. It’s all in the spirit of bringing you the wildest and most interesting stories — just minus the tech jargon and throwing in a reality check”

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