Call for participation in worlds first “Mobile First” Public Healthcare System Initiative

3G Doctor is now working together with the International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation (IVeH), the Albanian Ministry of Health and Instant Medical History UK to submit a partnership application for European Union funding to launch the worlds first ‘Mobile First’ Public Healthcare System. The program will:

> Create personal health records for the Albanian population based on the model developed by 3G Doctor and their partners in the UK and Ireland

> Provide a secure portal accessible by Albanian mobile subscribers that will support citizen engagement with personal health records, access to patient commnunities and healthcare Information resources.

> Introduce an informed remote voice and video consulting service (similar to the private 3G Video Mobile service developed by 3G Doctor) to the Albanian public via collaboration with selected public health centers.

This is an open invitation to developers and manufacturers of mHealth devices and technologies who would like to join the partnership. If the EU funding application is successful partners will:

> Be invited to collaborate in the formation of the worlds first “Mobile First” public healthcare system.

> Be able to avail of financial, technical and marketing assistance from the EU and other partner organisations for the project duration (5 years: 2011-2016) to have their innovative technologies integrated into this new system.

For more information please leave a comment below or alternatively contact Dr. Erion Dasho at the IVeH:

Deadline: Existing partner companies have been planning this initiative for some time but interested parties who would like to be considered need to express their interest before January 12, 2011 and provide us with a brief technical overview and financial estimation of their expectations for the product/service development.

About existing project partners;

3G Doctor

3G Doctor provides members of the public with access to informed registered Doctors at anytime and from anywhere using 3G Video Mobiles. The service is currently only available in the UK and Ireland where 97% of the population have 3G Coverage. For more information visit

Albanian Ministry of Health and Public Partners

The healthcare system in Albania is predominantly public with the state providing the majority of services offered to the population in the field of promotion, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The Ministry of Health is responsible for drafting policies and strategies of the health system, for its regulation and coordination of all stakeholders within and outside the system. Diagnostic and curative health services are organized into three levels: primary service, hospital service secondary and tertiary hospital. The Albanian Ministry of Health has been a long term supporter of IVeH initiatives. For more information visit Ministria e Shëndetësisë

Instant Medical History UK

Instant Medical History lets patients prepare for a consultation with a doctor by completing an intelligent, branching questionnaire. Established in 1985 the company has collaborated with some of the worlds best clinicians to compile a database of more than 27,000 questions that is capable of recognising responses that the patient gives to ensure they are asked the appropriate supplementary questions. Once happy that they have provided all the right answers, patients can submit the information securely to their doctor who can choose to recieve it as either a report or as a part of their normal clinical system. Instead of holding a consultation at which the doctor knows nothing at the outset, doctors can now consult with patients confident that they will be briefed with an extensive written history that otherwise would have taken a considerable amount of clinician time and effort to develop. Patients benefit from being better prepared for consults, more clinician consulting time and a written report following their consultation. For more information visit


The International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation (IVeH) is the coordinating partner for this call. It’s mission is to initiate, establish and expand successful telemedicine programs throughout the world and was established by Prof. Rifat Latifi, president of the IVeH and professor of clinical surgery at the University of Arizona in Tucson who is an internationally renowned and published telemedicine and eHealth expert.

The IVeH established the Telemedicine Program of Kosova using the Initiate-Build-Operate-Transfer (IBOT) strategy, and this has been accredited as one of the best examples of integrated telemedicine programs in developing nations. It is currently implementing the Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program of Albania which is operational (as of December 10, 2010) in 6 out of 14 planned national/regional centers. It has also carried out implementation and/or assessment activities in countries including Peru, Brazil, Macedonia, Montenegro and Tanzania.

In addition to Prof. Latifi, the IVeH board includes Nobel Prize Winner Prof Ferid Murati and Prof. Ronald Merrell, as well as IVeH Executive Director Prof. Charles Doarn. Merrell and Doarn are the editors-in-chief of the Telemedicine and E-Health Journal, an official publication of the American Telemedicine Association. For more information visit

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5 Responses to Call for participation in worlds first “Mobile First” Public Healthcare System Initiative

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  2. Manrique Lopez says:

    I am interested, and I have sent an email. I expect for an answer…

    • Thanks Manrique. You’ll definitely be getting one, Andago is the perfect example of the type of company we are looking to engage with on this project.

      I have met with and know personally your colleague (A Altuna) and investor (F Solomka) and had planned to send them a direct email invitation.

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