American Telemedicine Association CEO shares his thoughts on 2 leading technologies: mHealth and Video Consulting

mHealth, clearly the hottest topic in telemedicine technology for 2010, has become a trendy term used for a perplexing array of activities… …Video conferencing technologies were also a buzz in 2010… …The new videoconferencing application for 4G and Wi-Fi cell phones may be a potential game changer for some telehealth services starting next year. A series of two-way video calls from my cell phone while I was in China to the ATA offices in Washington, DC this December still astounds me

Jonathan Linkous, CEO, American Telemedicine Association

I can only think 4G is mentioned as a result of all this US telco marketing nonsense but it’s very disappointing to see that it’s been enough to confuse such influential executives about 3G.

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