Vodafone updates mHealth website with out of date video content

I’ve got a little pet hobby tracking mHealth developments at mobile operators so it’s welcome to to see that Vodafone has eventually upgraded it’s dedicated mHealth website and it’s nice to see a little piece on their 10 year “mHealth timeline”:

1999 – First Vodafone mHealth services launched
2005 – R&D trials on disease prevention for individuals
2005 – First Vodafone mHealth commercial partner collaboration
2006 – mHealth Policy Paper published
2007 – Vodafone Life Sciences industry-vertical team established
2009 – Launch of the mHealth Alliance
2009 – mHealth for Development report published
2009 – Vodafone mHealth Solutions business unit founded
2010 – First Vodafone Health Debate
2011 – First-ever mHealth full country roll-out

Whilst the content is still very much ignoring the much larger direct to patient opportunities such as health service and informational video content it’s a welcome replacement from the rather unsophisticated “Virtual Hospital Tour” animations that were there up until yesterday:

But a lot of it (eg. this remote collaboration video) are a big let down for me:

> First up why isn’t it posted on the YouTube Channel that they promote almost everywhere on their corporate page and that would make it so much easier (possible) to share?

> Dr Nikos Dimitros and the camera footage are great but when you realise this is a collaboration between Vodafone Greece, the Athens Medical Center, VIDAVO Health Telematics, and the Intermunicipality Health and Welfare Network and you’re left scratching your head at how out dated this is eg. check out this bit where the Doctor is consulting the patient using the miniature screen of this very dated stylus operated smartphone.

Today in the UK and Ireland I know of plenty of Doctors who couldn’t even remember when they last used a device like that and have already (under their own initiative) have moved onto using the latest tablet devices in their clinics.

It’s also a shame that they haven’t had anyone knowledgeable fact checking the video as clinicians will very quickly pick up on the technical inaccuracies eg. it’s highly unlikely that the piece of X Ray film shown clipped up in this light box ever went “across the Vodafone network”:

There are some interesting new case studies being shared and it’s good to see the Spanish Red Cross’ SIMAP services for Alzheimers telemonitoring/tracking is getting some more profile:

But this case study isn’t another TV Commercial and to be taken seriously by the healthcare industry it really needs to provide more data for mHealth proponents to share with the wider market:

> How many patients are now using this service and how is it scaling?

Last I heard there were only 300 devices deployed. But there are approx 2 million patients with Alzheimers in Spain.

> What savings is this providing to those with healthcare budgets?

In the USA in 2011 the cost of caring for those with Alzheimer’s totalled ~$183 billion and increased by $11 billion in the last year. Why isn’t Vodafone focused on this rapidly growing issue?

> How is this service transforming the lives of patients and families?

Okay so it’s easy to show a video that shows carers alerts and being able to locate a patient who is lost but what about the rest of the time? What effects are these services having on the lives and productivity of the families who care for patients? How many falls are being prevented by this additional monitoring? Whats the impact on patient wellness. I’d love to see statistics on how much more walking patients using this device are doing.

HatTip: Jeroen Veenhoven, mHealth Solutions, Vodafone Enterprise

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