Which will drive mHealth innovation most: mMoney or mNFC?

Paypal’s further commitment to mobile shouldn’t come as a surprise (with more than 8 million regular mobile customers they are already processing more than $10 million worth of mobile transactions per day and last week they doubled their estimates for the total value of mobile payments expected to process in 2011 – from $1.5 billion to $3 billion) but there is still an urgent need to improve the user experience and make it simpler process for service providers to bill to a patients carrier. So it’s great to get news that they’ve acquired mobile payment “startup” Zong (for $240 million).

Mobile operators continue championing the use of NFC for mHealth use cases for some while now but what they’re showcasing so far shows so little imagination it’s no surprise that there haven’t been any commercial takers:

Despite the enthusiasm of vendors for NFC mobile payments and Google’s recent relaunch of it’s Google Wallet payment system based on NFC technology I can’t help but feel that the body of evidence to date just continues to prove that this is an already very dated red herring and there are so many much simpler ways to achieve the same without the need for the complex ecosystems of middlemen it can support or the need for adoption of new technology (eg. using bluetooth, mobile LCD screens, SMS, MMS etc).

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5 Responses to Which will drive mHealth innovation most: mMoney or mNFC?

  1. Jean-Marc Pocard says:

    i propose something like this in french

    and this video (translation) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hS-e-AX0s_A
    less complete without voice and without all the descriptions

    perhaps the next episode explain validation of care with antiiatogenicity value, etc.

    with Code 2D like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld7fELGe6jc

    combination mobile & pervasif information system (with an intuitive use without training): it’s lot of ideas for patient(e-monitoring, “observance”,traceability, security of care,etc.), for caregivers, for pharmacy industry(efficiency and secure treatement, efficency logistique), economy for government, etc. 😉


    NB: i only have ideas 😉

    • Jean-Marc,

      Thanks for shaing them!

      • Jean-Marc Pocard says:

        In fact the most important is in the details , with these video it ‘s just the general idea without all détails 😉 😀 …

        if someone want exchange with me i’ll be happy . I working with a startup about “automatic diuresis”, but you know In France perhaps there’s no money or everybody want to catch your idea.

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