Will the Mobile Video Calling experience decide the winners of the Smartphone OS wars?

SRI International Technology have announced that their Video Stabilization Software is now embedded into Googles native Mobile Video Calling Application. After Apple completely changed the public perception of Mobile Video Calling with their FaceTime service, it’s great to see Android is also now introducing some useful advances to the user experience.

Whilst this might not seem such a big step forward (a lot of users would rest a tablet on a stand when video calling) I think it’s about to become much more widely apparent that the mobile video calling experience is the game changer that will make or break the leading Smartphone OS’s.

It’s worth noting that today all of the companies behind growing Smartphone OS’s have made very significant video calling commitments:

WindowsPhone7/Skype (admittedly for this one we’ll have to wait till Nokia start shipping)

Yet all of the companies behind major Smartphone OS’s that don’t are on the decline:

Blackberry OS

Of course the reason these operator focused Smartphone OS’s haven’t committed to this opportunity is because their customers (the mobile network operators) have for so long been reliably informing them that “No one wants to use 3G Video Calling, so let’s not waste our resources”.

Yet it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the killer app for a Smartphone OS will be ownership of the customers “presence” and it’s great to see that Google, Skype and Microsoft have all fully realised that Video Calling is the intelligible reason that consumers will want to start sharing this information with them and the means by which they can earn the loyalty and trust that’s needed to have customers let you be the controller of this important information.

If none of the above or Microsofts recent purchase of Skype for $8.5 Billion makes no sense to you look at the picture below and think about how the fun Lucia is having with her cat gives a company (skype in this instance) the opportunity to manage Lucia’s presence (via the screen on the right).

With the iPhone 5 being released later this summer and effectively removing the telco relationship with their highest spending consumers I’m pretty confident that this is a trade that will be well worth making…

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