Tomi Ahonen does it again and again and again…

Talking at Digital Now 2011 there is nearly an hour here of Tomi Ahonen offering the highest quality mobile industry analysis.

There are obviously too many great quotes to list but here are my favorites:

“How important is the mobile? …Jeff Hayzlett CMO of Kodak tells us: the only inanimate object that people are crazy enough to run into a burning building to save is the mobile phone” 10

“test it on your kids/grandkids, they will tell you if it’s cool, but then you test it on your retirement age parents, if they can work it it’s easy enough” 19

“There is no future for email for youth, they think it is a complete waste of time… …something not to be used with other members of their peer group” 23

“The future is not only mobile, the future is multiplatform multimedia… …but mobile will be the biggest of the brothers in the digital space” 23

“in 4 years MPESA reported 30% of the total Kenyan economy is transiting via mobile payments” 39

“$41 million was donated to Haiti via SMS giving to the Red Cross in USA” 40

“Explanation of how FinnAir is selling it’s First Class and Business Class upgrade tickets for 10p” 44

“Explanation of how bus tickets are being sent to Obstetric Fistula surgery patients in Tanzania” see a video on that here 48

“3 out of 4 Americans are USING their mobile while watching the TV – 80% in the UK” 49

“Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, has told us ‘mobile is so important for any business you have to put your best people on it – if you don’t have a mobile strategy soon you will no longer be relevant” 56

What are your favorites?

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