Convergence of neurophysiological monitoring tech to Mobile

In a post entitled the Nokia Decade I suggested that the convergence that has happened over the last decade will continue into the next with mHealth technologies being adopted by the winners of the mobile device manufacturer wars, so how could I not share this New Scientist article reporting on the work of Jakob Eg Larsen and colleagues at the Mobile Infomatics Lab at the Technical University of Denmark who have managed to twin a Nokia smartphone with a commercially available headset mounted EEG headset from GTec Medical Engineering so that it can support portable monitoring of neural signals.

Once twinned with interactive biofeedback games, history taking technologies, cloud based EHR’s and informed remote specialists can you imagine the plethora of transformational health and wellness experiences that this is going to be able to support?

Just add bluetooth connectivity and stereo speakers and you’ve got yourself a great platform for self-help games for depression/pain management, personalised drug regimes, neurological monitoring, etc, etc…

One sure fire sign that it’s transformational is that it’s an innovation that’s already creating pessimistic responses:

Gunther Krauz at the engineering firm that manufactures the USB connected EEG accessory told the New Scientist:

The realisation of a real-time brain-mapping system on a cellphone is a nice task… but …the phone can’t compare with dedicated medical devices… …you need sophisticated stimulation devices and data-processing… …which cannot be done with the app alone

Isn’t that so similar to what was said by people who failed to see the digital music opportunity? You need the record shop experience, printed sleeve with track list, etc, etc…

Jacob Aron, the reporter at the New Scientist, seems to also be very naive to the opportunity:

Didn’t the critics of TV point fun in much the same when they were comparing it to the previous mass media (the Cinema)? In the eventual use case (biofeedback) patients won’t be watching the image of the brain anyway (there will be much more effective video based ways of utilising this)

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