PhoneDog: “In the near future, the doctor could be only a video call and co-pay away”

In this interesting focus on mHealth Taylor Martin, PhoneDog’s Contributing Editor, gets enthusiastic about the opportunity to connect with his Doctor over Mobile Video Calling.

I think as health data becomes more accessible to patients (driven by the availability of services such as Microsoft’s HealthVault) I think it’s going to become more obvious that there are sophisticated tools that can make safe, effective and fully documented remote consultations with a registered Doctor available at a cost that’s not much more than the copay + travel costs + time needed off work. At that point it’s really going to boil down to a very basic consumer decision: do I go and wait in a Doctors office to ask about this OR check my concerns out with 3G Doctor first?

Note: Previously Taylor Martin was largely unimpressed by the Mobile Video Calling opportunity. I think it’s important to realise when you’re doing something as important as videoconsulting with an informed Doctor (ie. one who can see your Electronic Healthcare Record – including head shot – and reported history):

> For the patient it’s easy to forget about the “novelty” element and just start appreciating the convenience, additional trust and more detailed documentation that they experience.

> For the remote Doctor it’s critical that they feel reassured and confident that they’re advising the patient whose electronic record and reported history they’re referring to.

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