Who’s your Doctor working for?

“Who Will Your Doctor Work For Under ObamaCare?” is an interesting piece by Dr. Paul Hsieh, co-founder of Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine (FIRM) and member of the Colorado chapter of Docs4PatientCare.

“In traditional Western medical ethics, a doctor’s fundamental responsibility is to practice to the best of his ability for his patient’s benefit. But lately, doctors are being taught a radical new collectivist medical ethics where the “social good” trumps the individual patient’s welfare”

Although I disagree that “this is the inevitable result of government-funded medicine” as I know plenty of great Doctors in the UK’s NHS that would never even consider prioritizing NHS budgets over their patients best interests I think the facts are that nearly every decision a Doctor makes has both a clinical and financial element to it so this patient concern is very real and is one of the key reasons why at 3G Doctor we are so confident that there is a growing patient need for anytime/anywhere economical access to the advice of independent impartial Doctors.

In the digital age when patients can find websites and even communities of other “patients” (some of whom will be nothing more than a ‘computer program’ designed and paid for by the pharma industry) that will instruct them to demand specific diagnostic medical tests or medications I think it’s going to be critical that patients can share concerns and get advice from impartial independent registered Doctors for whom there are no other financial incentives or pressures.

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