No Straight Lines: making sense of our non linear world

I’m so honoured to find myself named in the acknowledgments for Alan Moore’s new book No Straight Lines.

Having coined the term “engagement marketing” Alan’s no stranger to changing the way we think about doing business and I make no secret of the fact that his last book changed my life (I insist everyone I work with reads it at least once). Published in 2002 (two years before Facebook was founded) together with Tomi Ahonen (recognised in Forbes as the worlds most influential person in mobile) “Communities Dominates Brands” not only predicted social networking would be the biggest change in the last 100 years but also that the future of social networking would be mobile.

Once again I’m certain that the impact of this book (and the non-linear world that it describes) will take several years to become widely apparent but from my various discussions with Alan (both inperson and over video link) as he produced the book I’ve been enlightened in such a way that we’ve devised some intrinsic motivators that are already a key feature in how we remunerate the Doctors who work with our patients at 3G Doctor (I’ll be announcing details of this in the next few weeks).

The purpose of this book is to highlight the corrosive effect that an industrial mindset and free market economy has ultimately inflicted upon humanity. My hypothesis is that we have got to the point where our industrial economy, projected onto society, can no longer support humanity. As a consequence, we need to explore what makes us human and to give this insight context by examining new ways of recreating our worldAlan Moore

Order your copy today at Amazon ($23.23 for the paperback or only $12.29 for the digital version)

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