The House of Lords to host mHealth seminar “Health in your hands: Creating mobile messages that make a difference”

On the afternoon of Thursday 16 February 2012 I’ll be attending a mHealth seminar at the House of Lords, Westminster, London, organised by Content Consultants, an UK-based editorial agency.

‘Health in your hands’ is supported by Lord Nazir Ahmed and Earl Merlin Hay of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Entrepreneurship and focused on ‘Creating Mobile messages that make a difference’ with showcases from those with direct experience of SMS based healthcare programmes.

Event background and inspiration: Content Consultants first decided to look at the use of mobile messaging in the UK because there are so many projects under way. Many are locally focused. There isn’t a forum to share knowledge, so Content Consultants chose to lead on this emerging topic. Despite the ‘buzz’ around ‘mHealth’, there is a tendency to focus on software mechanics such as Apps, gadgets and downloads. But just paying attention to the medium is like getting excited about the smell of the print or the sound of the printing press, rather than the words on the page! Content Consultants are more attracted to the potential of new communication tools – and their capacity to help with the delivery of real changes around the world. We think what really matters in mHealth is the content of the health messages – and the power they have to bring knowledge right into your hand

Objectives for the day: The aim of the event is to bring together people who are creating health programmes that are delivered on mobile phones. These include thought leaders and key decision makers within the NHS, phone and technology companies, plus commercial businesses who want to reach consumers with health messages. During the seminar, speakers will share experiences in running mobile health projects, including the things that surprised them, and key challenges. In the following debate, specifics will be flagged for follow-up, and a discussion will take place about the areas where mHealth can make the strongest contributions.

Speakers include:

Aaron Twitchen, Manager, Health Exchange UK @HealthExUk
Anna McGrail, Joint Managing Director, Content Consultants @AnnaMcGrail
Bob Gann, Head of Strategy and Engagement, NHS Choices
Dr Claudia Pagliari, ehealth Interdisciplinary Research Group, University of Edinburgh
Daphne Metland, Joint Managing Director, Content Consultants
Hajo van Beijma, Text to Change @hajovanbeijma
Jayne Overett, North East Essex Chlamydia Screening Service
Merlin Hay, Earl of Erroll, Elected Hereditary Peer, House of Lords
Lord Nazir Ahmed, Life Peer, House of Lords
Sue Turton RGN, MA, Heart Birmingham PCT and Health Exchange UK @HealthExUk

Delegate places for the event are all now allocated but if you would like to request a summary report on the outcomes and info on other upcoming events please email enquiries AT contentconsultants and send PR enquiries to Sarah Morgan on +447789956966 or sarahm AT contentconsultants

On twitter @ContentConsults Event hashtag #mhealthcc

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