The SenCit mobile based care monitor picks up Ideal Home Inventor of Year 2012 Award

Great news for SendTech, the British manufacturer of the SenCit – a remarkably simple and low cost mobile based sensor that will save lives, transform the way we communicate with seniors and the independently living, plus automatically send SMS notifications if you have a power cut, boiler breakdown or intruder.

SendTech seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment as news also emerged this week of another fascinating patient story where a daughter used the connected door monitor to prove her senior mother wasn’t actually ‘crazy’ (despite the claims from her home care provider) – so when I got the news I couldn’t wait to see what could have beaten this powerful sensor (and 200 other applications) to number 1 spot for the best home invention for 2012:

…it’s “Olly” a “prototype smell producing robot” that plugs into the USB port on your PC and can produce a fragrance based on your internet actions. Boasting of the “potential to produce a strawberry smell for every tweet you get, or a lemon smell whenever your lunch reminder pops up or your partner’s perfume when they message you on Facebook”. I get the feeling Spam’s going to get a lot more invasive if this ever takes off.

It’s not yet clear who judged this years finalists but it’s unlikely they have much experience of the major challenges that face the home carer community – which is a bit of a surprise when you see the profile of the typical visitor to a show like this and appreciate how the sponsor of the award (British Gas) could do so well from distributing the SendTech – perhaps as part of an expansion on their Boiler & Heating service package (the device also monitors temperature in the home).

The Ideal Home Show continues at Earls Court London until the 1st April and you can get hands on with all the winning devices at the Virgin Media sponsored Home of the Future exhibition.

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1 Response to The SenCit mobile based care monitor picks up Ideal Home Inventor of Year 2012 Award

  1. Cathy says:

    As someone who avoids synthetic home freshener products at every opportunity I really cannot help but wonder how Olly could be in any way desirable and I am totally baffled that a functional product such as SeNCit should be beaten by a smell making robot.

    I know there are lots of everday idioms relating to smell but seriously how does one benefit from an Olly – the dog doesn’t use Facebook but if he did I certainly wouldn’t be wanting a waft of eau de pooch as I surfed – please judges – it is time to wake up and smell the coffee!

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