How to equip your waiting room with Interactive Medical History questionnaires

I know a lot of Doctors who have been mulling over the idea of introducing interactive patient history taking tools into their waiting rooms but they’ve justified their reluctance with excuses such as the lack of space in their busy waiting rooms, the low appeal/familiarity of computers with some of their patients, the ease of use of a PC, concerns about patients dropping devices, concerns about portable device theft, concerns about patients shoulder surfing, concerns about PC reliability, etc, etc.

So I think there’s plenty of food for thought in this Gaudi inspired bit of design I got shown in the soon to open new newest flagship branch of the Dutch financial institution ING Direct in Barcelona as part of it’s mobile experience focused approach.

Can you imagine this in your clinics color scheme? How cool would it be to let patients take their time sitting comfortably giving their important history rather than expecting them to waste their time waiting to see you for a hurried consultation? Can you imagine how much more effectively you could practice medicine if you knew in detail the precise concerns of your patients before they walked in the door and told you? The technology has finally caught up, patients are going to love this, no more excuses Doc…

PS Please get in touch if you’d like more pictures, sizing details or an introduction to a fabricator who can supply these for your clinic/hospital/pharmacy/dental surgery.

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