New Term: “Showrooming” gets me thinking how long until we have patients “Waitrooming”

With customers of retail stores increasingly turning to their mobiles to price compare and look up independent product reviews I wonder how long before the healthcare industry starts referring to “Waitrooming” when patients are using mobile devices to look up information on their treatment, Doctor, Clinic from the waiting room.

I’ve seen it already starting to happen and think it’s got the potential to really empower patients, provide something much more desirable than the current situation in which patients typically browse out of date magazines or just waste their time watching daytime broadcast TV, bring new dynamics to consultations that will inevitably require Doctors to use new tools to give structure and better coordinate interactions (eg. Interactive Patient History Questionnaires), it might even have some clinics noticing that patients will vote with their feet and instead of waiting find advice online or get up and go elsewhere.

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