Largest Irish mobile retailer uses mHealth apps to help sell Lumia Smartphones

CarphoneWarehouse Ireland have taken an interesting approach that I haven’t seen before for a smartphone campaign.

Not sure about how the word “funner” is going down with prospective customers though. I personally can see it alienating more mature audiences and get the feeling from talking with Irish customers that it’s not translating welll and might be seen as trying a bit too hard to be cool.

The point of sale displays also highlight the confusion over operating software. As the displays clearly state that both apps are only available on the Android market:

Adidas MiCoach

Fast Food Calorie Counter

Does Irelands biggest independent mobile retailer really not know what OS a Nokia Lumia uses?

All the same I think it’s generally positive and I look forward to seeing more of this as it’s one way of extending appeal to untapped potential smartphone audiences…

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