Call for Presentations Opens for the 2012 mHealth Summit

The world’s biggest and highest profile mHealth event has opened it’s call for presentations for 2012. Topic Tracks include Health and Healthcare Delivery, Technology, Business and Policy & Research.

In 2012 the event will be organised by it’s new owners HIMSS (join me at eHealth Week in Copenhagen when I’ll be presenting at their first mHealth Symposia) and I think it’s obvious that when you appreciate the focus and reach of this 44,000 member 50+ year caused based organisation that it’s going to continue to build on the prolific growth of this conference (in 2011 more than 3600 delegates attended up from less than 700 in 2010) and exhibition (in 2011 there were more than 200 exhibitors up from less than 100 in 2010).

It’s been a great honour to have been able to participate as a speaker, exhibitor and media partner of such a progressive event, if you’re in any doubt of the effort and quality of what has been achieved just check out the completely free video resource the organisation has provided for the global mHealth community (click here to see the panel featuring my talk):

Don’t miss out, click here to submit your application today – deadline for submissions is June 29 2012.

Click here to subscribe to updates on the event, for further information contact Peggy M. Diab, Director, Vendor Events – HIMSS at pdiabAThimssDOTorg

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