AliveCor ECG now FDA cleared

Alivecor Heart Monitor Press Release

An unyielding passion and vision for valuable mHealth sensor innovation is paying off for Dr Dave Albert with record sales this morning of the iPhone ECG device following the announcement that the Alivecor ECG has received FDA clearance and is available for preorder for iPhone 4 and 4S.

Join us at the mHealth group networking meetup from 5.30pm on the 3G Doctor booth (#200) to see this technology working with the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Alivecor ECG on Samsung Galaxy Tab 77

4 Responses to AliveCor ECG now FDA cleared

  1. HIdayati says:

    what kind of software that you used to display the ECG signal?

  2. […] who do I got to? (click here to read notes on our experiences with the Alivecor ECG – a device that has recently gained FDA and CE certification). Do I go to my normal Doctor? Do I bring this? …a lady was talking today about how she went to […]

  3. […] when you’ve used the device to break the ice and screen over 100 delegates that you met with on your booth at a conference (sort of like a mini Smartphone […]

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