MoMo Dublin announce “Opportunities in M-Health” event (11 Feb 2013)

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On the 24th January Mobile Monday Dublin announced it will be the 9th Mobile Monday chapter to host a mHealth themed meeting (it’s actually the 13th! – please see the comments and a big thank you to Lars at MoMo who helped me find 4 more events on the Mobile Monday blog). I’ve presented at three of these and find the list represents an interesting barometer of how mHealth interest is growing amongst the mobile developer community around the world:

Amsterdam, Jan 2010

Amsterdam was first with a dedicated mHealth focus and they did the best job of it to date posting well edited videos of all the speakers. Click here for my review, click here to watch the videos of the event.

Kampala (Malaysia), May 2010

“M Health for Mother and Child” was hosted at the HQ of UNICEF Uganda.

Belfast, June 2010

This overview of the mHealth opportunity took place during the Continua Health Alliance’s European Connected Health Week.

Dusseldorf, November 2010

‘Wireless Health – Keep the doctor away!’ was hosted as a part of the Mobile Unconference to coincide with Medica – the worlds biggest medical trade show.

London, November 2010

‘Trends in mHealth, the next big thing or not?’ was sponsored by the Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network.

Philadelphia, March 2011

“How Mobile Devices and Services are Changing the Healthcare Landscape – A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Healthcare Providers” was hosted by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

Michigan, April 2011

‘Mobile in Healthcare’ was hosted by Compuware.

Athens, April 2012

“What’s up in Mobile Health” was sponsored by SAP Hellas and the Starters Fund and hosted by the Eugenides Foundation.

Helsinki, October 2012

“Mobile Wellness – shift from mHealth into mPerformance!” sponsored by OmegaWave, Firstbeat, the Wellness Foundry and Finpro.

Detroit, October 2012

“Mobile Apps and Devices in Healthcare” sponsored by Compuware and the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan.

Dakar, November 2012

“Lessons learned in mHealth design by Stella Luk, Dimagi”

Calgary, January 2013

“MoMoYYC – Mobile Healthcare” sponsored by Bio Alberta

Silicon Valley, January 2013

“mHealth Business Reform” sponsored by Adobe and Kony

NEXT: Dublin, 11 February 2013

“Opportunities in M-Health” is sponsored by Enterprise Ireland and hosted at the Science Gallery.

MoMo Dublin Opportunities in mHealth

Topics/Presenters will include:

“From the lab to the consumer – a practical overview of mHealth deployments” Kieran Daly, CEO of Shimmer Research

Shimmer Research Website

“mHealth: The Vodafone perspective” Lorna Brady & John Kelly of Vodafone Ireland

“mHealth: the latest technological developments and the new Connected Health Technology Centre Initiative”
Dr. Brian Caulfield of the UCD TRIL Centre

Tril Centre Website

and Godfrey Fletcher, Director, The Vu2Vu Group of Companies (A network of companies providing an integrated global network for personal telepresence)


“The role of mHealth in the current healthcare paradigm shift with concrete examples for development and implementation”
Nick Guldemond Board Member of the European Platform for Patients’ Organisations, Science and Industry (a think tank representing academia, knowledge institutions: life sciences, medicine and health)


“Practical examples of mHealth applications”
Joe Drumgoole FEEDHENRY (a Mobile Application Platform)

FeedHenry Website

Definition of mHealth:

The event website seems to be going with what I think is a very limiting definition of mHealth (“M-Health is defined as where the consumer uses the mobile device in healthcare“). I think this doesn’t work because it would restrict the definition to exclude mHealth use by healthcare workers and carers (99.9% of people who work in these roles in the healthcare community wouldn’t consider themselves to be consumers) plus everything that happens on the mobile network side of the opportunity and in the field of M2M (many mHealth devices won’t be ‘mobile’).

Click here for what I think is a much more robust and accurate definition.

Focus: Monitoring services

The event literature suggests that the “monitoring services segment” dominates the global mHealth market:

The monitoring services segment is in a commanding position having contributed about 63% of the global mHealth market revenue in 2012, with the identification, storage and delivery of real time information securely to mobile devices or the secure monitoring of data with alerts to mobile devices or secure messaging between medical and mobile devices (M2M)

This appears to be a very typical outlook of those working in the mobile network business and reminds me of how the mobile industry (before the iPhone arrived) used to have events were they talked of their future dominance of the music industry because it was possible for them to make so much money out of ringtones for a short space of time.

In my opinion the monitoring services segment is an important commodity but it will only ever be a very small part of the global mHealth market and this will be increasingly the case as services are deskilled and simplified so that they can be used in a DIY capacity (eg. more and more monitoring services will become as easy for patients and their families to use as the Firetext mobile connected smoke monitor or the Sencit Care Monitor).

For the record I think that most of the mobile revenues that derive from mHealth today are not made from monitoring but from the fact that mHealth underpins widespread consumer adoption of mobile because it’s a key reason that most people have for being reachable (eg. the “does it ring in my pocket?” and “can I use it to when/where ever I need to request help?” tests).

The event is free to attend – register here to attend

For more details click here. To register click here.

Confirmed delegates attending include:

In a very positive indicator of the Irish market’s interest in mHealth in just 2 weeks more than 160 delegates had reserved a place to attend. This is set to be the most attended (previous ones I’ve attended have been attended by 30-40 delegates) and longest (normally the events take place in the evening after work not during the afternoon) ever MoMo Dublin event. Confirmed already are the following names:

Sufian Al Aswad, Sean Baker, Dan Barry, Gary Berney, Caroline Bolduc, Jan Bosch, Richard Bowden, Richard Boyd, Katrina Bradley, Cathal Brady, Rasmus Breyer, Fred Browne, Ken Buckley, Niamh Burke, Tony Burke, Robert Bushnell, Tom Byrne, Ken Cahill, Robert Cairnduff, Hugh Carroll, Noel Carroll, Brendan Casey, Darren Caulfield, Joe Chukwu, Deborah Clarke, Finbarr Coghlan, Rem Collier, Peter Conlon, Stephen Conmy, Garry Connolly, Deirdre Conroy, Brian Conway, Louis Corrigan, Mike Creaven, Dejan Cusic, Liam Darling, Alfonso de Arribas de Renedo, Philip Deane, Katrina Delargy, Kieran Desmond, Annick Dhooge, David Doherty, Barry Downes, Sarah Duggan, Alex Duncan, Colm Dunne, Carmelisa Dunne, Ciaran Farrell, Remi Fatus, Dan Feaheny, Dave Feenan, Peter Fitzpatrick, Pat Flynn, Rowan Fogarty, Ellen Fruijtier, Patrick Gallagher, Siobhan Gallagher, John Garry, Mark Gilmartin, Matt Gleeson, Seamus Glynn, Glenn Goggin, Breandán Goss, Conor Hanley, Brian Hannon, Johnny Harte, Grace Huaghian, Oisin Hurley, Naoise Kavanagh, Paul Kavanagh, Deirdre Kearney, Tony Kehoe, Darragh Kettle, Siobhan King-Hughes, Maciej Koczur, Jonathan Larbey, Christine Lynch, Rory MacHale, Enda Madden, Charlie Marriott, Reuben May, Neill McAnaspie, Sarah McArdle, Paul McCarthy, Sinead McCluskey, James McGreer, Donal McGuinness, Thomas McHugh, Mel McIntyre, Graham McKeown, Sophie Mitchell, Aaron Molloy, Gail Molloy, John Moore, Alan Moran, Caroline Moran, Federico Moreno, Conor Morris, Nicola Mortimer, Susanna Murphy, Padraig Murtagh, Kerry Naughton, Jacinta Ni Suaird, Jerry O’Brien, Terri O’Donnell, Alan O’Neill, Micheal O’Dea, Ann O’Dea, Ruadhan O’Donoghue, Barry O’Gorman, Damian O’Kelly, Dermot O’Neill, Sinead O’Neill, Alan O’Rourke, Marian O’Shea, Kevin O’Sullivan, Cairin O’Connor, Declan O’Leary, Mahesh Patel, Matt Patterson, Marina Petcova, Bob Power, Tony Prylowski, Niall Rafferty, Vinny Reynolds, Bill Rickard, Pat Robinson, John Ryan, Liam Ryan, Norbert Sagnard, Jessie Sampson, Stephen Sharkey, John Sheehan, Colin Sheena, John Sheridan, Gaye Stephens, Patryk Szafranski, Elaine Thompson, Padraig Timmons, Catalin Tomozei, David Toohey, Patrick Torrekens, Ciaran Treanor, Roland Tritsch, Ray Walsh, John Whelan, Dorothy-Ellen White, Katie Whiteside and Henry Woods.

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4 Responses to MoMo Dublin announce “Opportunities in M-Health” event (11 Feb 2013)

  1. We count 20 Mobile Monday events, since 2010, held around the world which focused on the mHealth theme.. 😎

    • Hi Lars,

      Thanks for the link. I’ll update the list with the ones I can find.

      I’m probably being a bit too strict about the count (I’m only counting mHealth focused events not just any event that features a mHealth demo) and so far I’ve been able to add 4 more thanks to the link you provided (You’ll see the list has been updated with Calgary, Dakar, Helsinki and Silicon Valley).

  2. Nice to see there is a trend and we were on it early. We plan to repeat it in the future.

  3. Pingback: Mobile Monday Austria: Is the Smartphone your Doctor of tomorrow? | mHealth Insight: the blog of 3G Doctor

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