Buy an Alivecor ECG today & get a discount + your first read for free!

Alivecor ECG

Alivecor broke the mould when it created an iPhone case that turns the world’s most best selling smartphone into a medical device but to me the technology is so much more than just wowing the audiences at Tech extravaganzas like CES or TechCrunchDisrupt or on Primetime News and Chat Shows because to me it’s obvious the Alivecor ECG is a piece of mHealth tech that has passed Arthur C Clarke’s 3rd law of prediction: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

Ever since we’ve had the ability to take high quality ECG’s with our mobiles we’ve had our imaginations reshaped. The mHealth future of healthcare becomes a little clearer:

> when you’ve discovered completely assymptomatic Patients who have Atrial Fibrillation

> when you’ve used the device inflight at 20,000 ft to monitor a Patient who has fallen ill to discover their condition is deteriorating and you will need to order the Captain to make an emergency unscheduled landing.

> when you’ve handed the device to a Patient in a consult room to screen them while they’re waiting for you to pull up some results on your workstation.

> when you’ve used the device to test the battery levels on an implanted medical device.

> when you’ve used the device to help with relaxation (users quickly appreciate how the visualisation of their heart rate can really help you with this).

> when you’ve used the device to break the ice and screen over 100 delegates that you met with on your booth at a conference (sort of like a mini Smartphone Physical).

Now it’s your turn!

We think readers of this blog will have their own imaginations expanded by this tech so we’ve worked with Alivecor to put together a great deal so that you too can experience the Alivecor for yourself:

> Click here to buy the device on Amazon today at a special discounted price (simply enter the “3GDOCTOR” discount code at check out).

If you would like to buy more than one device (eg. for your mHealth innovation team) or more upfront reads for the devices you’re buying please email david_doherty[AT]3gdoctor[DOT]com.

3G Doctor branded iPhone ECG cases from AliveCor

> If you are based in the UK or Ireland (due to regulatory requirements) simply email a copy of your receipt to [email protected] and we’ll reply with the instructions to get a high quality read by a Registered Doctor of an ECG you record with the device completely free of charge*.

* CONDITIONS: We are looking at adding ECG reading services as a normal part of the 24×7 service we provide at 3G Doctor but as part of this promotion please expect the Alivecor ECG reads provided to take at least 24 hours to be processed. All free reads must be applied for within 3 months of the purchase date of your Alivecor device from the Amazon store.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event of chest pain or heart attack symptoms contact emergency medical services immediately.

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