Review of the mHealth Symposium, eHealth Week, Dublin, May 2013

mHealth Symposium Dublin mHealth Insight Review

This time last week 1400+ delegates landed in Dublin for the European eHealth Week and I was very proud to have been commissioned in January by HIMSS to work with the Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland to ensure the 2 day mHealth Symposium was a success.

With a conference room full to capacity (300+) the expanded two day event was a massive boost on the one day mHealth Symposium held in 2012 during eHealth Week in Copenhagen (which drew less than delegates). With some great keynote presentations and deals being struck between the exhibiting companies and eHealth Week delegates there was no question that all the hard work paid off.

Here are a summaries of my thoughts and experiences (note: the links will be added as I get time to finalise the posts):

> Event overview

> 3G Doctor
> Alivecor (Video)
> Airwatch (Video)
> Behaviour Change (Video)
> Blueware
> Brain Control (video)
> BT Health
> Comarch
> Continua Health Alliance (Video)
> Croatian Health Insurance Fund
> Dr James Reilly (Video)
> Duodecim Medical Publications
> EIP Active and Healthy Aging
> EMC2 (Video)
> EU SME eHealth Competition
> EU-US eHealth Business Marketplace (Video)
> Finland Plaza (Video)
> Fondazione IRCCS Instituto Nazionale dei Tumori
> GetReal Health (Video)
> HealthFounders (Video)
> HIMSS mHIMSS Roadmap
> Intel
> Kaiser Permanente (Video)
> Kings College NHS Hospital (Video)
> Lincor (Video)
> Living Medical History Project (Podcast)
> mHealth Grand Tour (Video)
> mHealth Networking Group Meet up
> Multichannel: Don’t we need more than just mobile?
> Nuance
> O2 Health (Video)
> OncoAssist (Video)
> Qualcomm Life / 2 Net Platform (Video)
> S3 Group
> Sense Observation Systems (Video)
> Slainte Healthcare
> Telcare (Video)
> Ticbiomed
> University Hospital North Norway
> Westfriesgasthuis
> Winvision
> Withings

> Who wasn’t there?
> What others took away from the 2012 mHealth Summit
> My key Take Aways

If you didn’t make it to Dublin or you would like to continue the networking why not join the 4100+ member mHealth group on Linkedin?

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