mHealth presentations from Qualcomm Connect2013

Qualcomm Life Connect 2013

Last week Qualcomm Life hosted a 4 day meeting in San Diego focused on accelerating next generation health technology to improve care globally.

The program featured presentations from executives of the following companies:

Achievemint, ActiveCare, Apollo Hospitals Group, Asthmapolis, Calit2, Dexcom, DirectTrust, Entra Health Systems, Frost & Sullivan, Gateway Inc, GlobalLogic, GNS Healthcare, Intelichart, Kaiser Permanente, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, Lumeris, Make Good Group, mHealthAlert, Omron, QuasarMed, Scanadu, Scripps Translational Science Institute, Stanford Hospital & Clinics, Telcare, Telecom Italia, The American Heart Association, Trulia, Vivify Health, VitalConnect, WebMD.

It’s great to see the presentation videos shared on the Qualcomm Life YouTube Video Channel. Here’s a few I thought were great:

* Data Transmission and Connectivity Discussion Panel

Just as we’re talking today about how difficult it is to get connected devices cleared by the FDA, 10 years from now it’s going to be very difficult to get a device that’s not connected cleared by the FDA and if anything I think that future is going to come sooner than I expected… …the FDA is clearly recognising that there are huge benefits for Patients in having these devices – that can occasionally cause harm – be connected to somebody who might be able to help the Patient. That doesn’t mean the FDA doesn’t want them to be manufactured under good manufacturing practices and designed under the design controls like all other medical devices are but I don’t think there is anybody at the FDA who resists the notion that connected medical devices are the future

Dr Jonathan Javitt, CEO, Telcare

“…my sense is that there is a whole cohort of Patients and consumers who are just ready to make this happen, they haven’t had the tools available to them yet, they haven’t yet had the access to the information, they haven’t had the rights to the information in an electronic format that they can go through a portal and demand. I think it’s about to explode in the next couple of years… …expect direct, it should be there”

Terrence Gregg, CEO, Dexcom

I can almost see in a couple of years the public service broadcast that says: ‘Does your Doctor email? If not find one that does’

Don Jones, VP, Qualcomm Life

(talking about the challenges that the FDA faces as a result of the rate of iteration of new Smartphones in the consumer marketplace) By the time you catch up the device manufacturers aren’t even supporting those devices anymore, so there is a huge divide and we’ve got to find ways for example we have to buy products off ebay because device manufacturers no longer sell it, so there is this conundrum but on the other side the agency (FDA) is extremely receptive to education… …the consumers will drive a lot of this. The demand will force the agency or the government to move that adoption curve along faster than anything the industry can do…

Dr David Kibbe, President and CEO, DirectTrust

* How Digital Health Changed my Life

Kim Skibsted, Diabetes Patient (for 50 years!) and Speech Pathologist who is introduced and interviewed by Rick Strobridge, CEO, Entra Health Systems, provides great insights into the value that mHealth innovation can bring to the lives of Patients with disabilities as well as the opportunity that we have through the use of technology to enable healthcare professionals and carers who are themselves effected by disabilities.

11 min: “you probably don’t know but it takes 5 times as long to read things that are read out than it takes to read things that you read for yourself, so in my 5 years of study I had to do more like 25 years of reading…

This is why I think that ultimately for Patients who can read for themselves reading and responding to an interactive patient history taking questionnaire (like the one we use as part of the documented consultations we offer here at 3G Doctor) will be preferable to Avatars/text-to-speech applications that can read the text for you.

18 min “I didn’t have glucose monitoring until I was eighteen years of age (in 1975) and at that time I hated pricking my finger and I hated having to write down all these test results and so I can understand now why teenagers initially are very resistant to do that… …so after I lost my sight I later got a speech synthesis computer and what I would do then would be to do my tests, record all my test results on a little recorder and then I’d type them in on a spreadsheet – a whole weeks worth of test results would take me hours and then somebody else would have to print it off for me because at that time I didn’t know how to enlarge and make things landscape etc etc as computers were still fairly new to me. So this was extremely tedious and up to the time when I got the MyGlucoHealth system I was using up to 4 test strips per time to get a single test result because they required so much blood and after so much testing my fingertips are so scarred that I have to file off scar tissue so that I can access blood. With MyGLucoHealth (bluetooth connected Blood Sugar) monitor I honestly seldom waste a strip and that’s a blessing and a cost saver all by itself and also once we got the 2Net… …it’s absolutely delightful as it automatically gets transferred to my computer and automated alerts are sent to my sister Michelle

21 min “(explaining the complexity of managing diabetes above and beyond the common misconception that it’s as simple as just counting carbs, taking readings and injecting insulin) diabetes is actually very very complex and as I get older it becomes even more complex. You really have to learn how your own body works with foods, with insulin, know your insulin sensitivity factors, I’m twice as sensitive to insulin in the morning than I am at night. So I have to always remember what time of day it is as part of the calculation of how much I have to inject and there are so many other things that effect me – remembering what foods require what amount of insulin is something, and learning what new foods are composed of, when I first was exposed to Kenomar I was like is this like a carb? What is this food group like? and they told me it was like rice. Well rice elevates my sugars like crazy so I injected accordingly and I had a very severe insulin reaction so that shows what it can be like with just one new food with people who don’t know what it is…

26 min “(explaining the value created by a connected Blood Glucose Meter) it’s actually amazing for me. I now have the tools that help me test quickly and I’m more motivated to test. You can’t imagine how awful it was listening to a glucometer that kept saying (in Darlek style voice) ‘NOT ENOUGH BLOOD’ and you listen to that 4, 5 sometimes 6 times and you end up setting things down so truly that was a blessing. The audible beeps on the Glucometer are very important to me to because even though I feel the end sometimes I stick it in upside down and it goes ‘beep,beep’ and I think yeah yeah I understand and I flip it over and put it in… …also the fact that I don’t have to record and write these things down is a major time saver for me. I now have more time for other things in my life as a result of this data transfer that’s done so rapidly… …and it’s so nice that the alerts just go out from this meter and we have them going to my sister who is the smartest lady I know … …when she gets the automised alert on her phone she can see if I’m low and she phones me because she knows that if I’m low I’m not as aware then of my blood sugars getting low and that’s a very comforting feeling because honestly I can’t tell sometimes when I’m really low

* Day 3 Wrap Up: mHealth isn’t Hype Anymore

3 min “(on being asked about the pace of change of the mHealth industry and the growth of Qualcomm Life) …in some ways it’s exceeded our expectations and in others it’s obvious this industry doesn’t move overnight. I agree with Larry (Smarr, Callit) we’re at this inflection point and we should now begin to see more rapid movement. For me there are two real key indicators: the first I learnt here at this show and it’s really stuck with me when Terry Gregg from Dexcom talked about their products… …what he mentioned was that there’s some 3,000 endocrinologists in the country yet there are already 6,000 physicians prescribing their solution and what’s happening is that Patients are going in and they’ve heard about this great experience and they’re asking for it. The whole concept of starting to create consumer demand for these types of solutions I think that’s a bell weather. I think that’s really a sign of positive change. The other thing – and big confirmation here for me this week – is that when we launched we were lucky to be Qualcomm with a long line of people at the door wanting to talk with us including the biggest companies in the world but when we talked to these healthcare companies early on we were talking to multiple people from multiple departments none of whom had a specific charter but all of them had a specific need and wanted to learn more. Now – in the last 6 months and it again was confirmed here (at Connect2013) – these same companies are now showing up but now have people with a title, that indicates they have a responsibility in this specific space, and they’ve got budgets, they’ve got people and we’re even talking to some who have revenue numbers that they need to hit now! So we still have a long way to go and this is going to be a marathon but it feels (now) that things are moving much faster

Rick Valencia, General Manager, Qualcomm Life

Obviously it’s a disappointing that it’s taken Qualcomm so long to appreciate this but I think this closing discussion really makes the case that mHealth can no longer be thoguht of as hype or some trend that will be over in the near future.

Did you find any interesting quotes or points being made in the Videos?

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