Exactly what it says on the tin: ​Fuss Free Phones launch fuss free mobile services

​”We are a different mobile phone service, with real people on call to help you take the complication out of using a mobile phone.​ ​No automated call services, no monthly bills and people who will help you at every step.​.. …What makes Fuss Free Phones special is our team of telephonists. They take all the fuss out of using a mobile phone. You don’t need to learn how to use all the functions of a mobile phone as we have a specially developed mobile phone and service just for you. When you sign up we ask you for the names and numbers of the people and places you want to call. When you want to call someone you just press the Fuss Free button on the back of the phone and you’ll be connected to a telephonist. They will have your list in front of them and will connect you. You can add or change names and numbers just by calling us. You don’t have to learn how to program the memory of the phone or even how to dial. It’s not that different to the way calls were made for the first 70 years of the existence of the telephone. Its quick too typically taking under 20 seconds to connect your call. They can also send text messages. Just tell our London based telephonist who you want to text and what you want to say and we will type your message out for you. When the person you’ve sent the message to replies our telephonists will call you back and read out the message. We can also help you in lots of other ways. Our telephonists can order taxis and couriers, or even reserve tables at restaurants. If you call with an emergency we’ll call either designated friends and relatives or the emergency services and will stay on the phone until help arrives. We can send flowers and chocolates and if you are lost we can call a map up on our screens to see where you are and help you find your way​”​

Fuss Free Phones Website

Not everyone finds using mobile services easy (even when we try our very best to help them) especially seniors who have their needs typically ignored by the mobile industry so it’s great to see this neat video explaining the new easy to use mobile services from Fuss Free Phones. If you care for someone who needs that extra bit of help going mobile please think about showing it to them on your tablet and then getting them signed up to the beta test.

At present Fuss Free Phones only offers three services (Connect a Call, Send a Text and Call a Cab) but I’m going to waste no time mailing founder Simon Rockman as I think customers would also benefit from a ‘Talk to a Doctor’ option that we could support here at 3G Doctor.

Let’s try and make a list of other services that we think Fuss Free Phones should/could also support to make a difference to their customers lives. I’ll start the ball rolling with a few suggestions please add your suggestions in the comments:

> Mobile Connected Smoke/CO Alarm monitoring services

> Mobile Connected Care Monitor support services

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