Apple UK stores now selling Nest WiFi smoke alarms

Apple Store Covent Garden Stocking WiFi Nest Smoke Detectors @Parislemon

It’s great to see Apple helping open up another multi-billion dollar M2M opportunity with their “Top Gift” retail support for the Nest Smoke Alarm but it amazes me that this key mHealth opportunity still remains completely ignored by Mobile network operators the world over as they rush headlong into chucking their cash at the latest shiny smartphone connected watches that they expect 16-23 year old customers will want financed…

A great example of a device brand that is taking things beyond the beep and the really slick explanatory video brilliantly conveys the value through an eloquent use of language that everyone who has a reliable home WiFi network will get: “our nightly promise: sleep safe and sound“, “Safety shouldn’t be annoying“:

NB. Also can’t figure out why a brand like Apple or Samsung (or even a senior mobile brand like Doro) hasn’t taken the tech in the HLAC Alarm from LifetoneSafety native so it just works out of the box. In my opinion a life-saving feautre like that has got a much wider consumer appeal than there is for pedometer/temp trackers.

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