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In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 I compiled posts documenting mHealth themed events and it’s become a useful resource for those looking to track and get involved in the growing number of industry events that are taking place around the world.

If you know of any mHealth meetings please share a link in the comments below and I’ll update this listing to include them:

Social Media in the Pharma Industry**
London, England
22-23 January 2014

mHealth Technologies for At-Risk Communities
UCLA, California
23 January 2014

Mobile Healthcare Summit
Toronto, Canada
28-29 January 2014

mHealth: smartphones as saviours?
Oxford Martin School, UK
6 February

mHealth Forum by MobileMonday MidAtlantic
Philadelphia, USA
10 February 2014

mHealth (EPSA Annual Reception)
Brussels, Belgium
11 February 2014

MobileMonday Manchester: The Future of Mobile Health
Manchester, UK
17 February 2014

mHealth Seminar, University of Edinburgh Medical School**
Edinburgh, Scotland
Tuesday 18th February

National Health Summit**
Dublin, Ireland
19 February 2014

HIMSS2014 preconference Symposium: Mobile Health: Opportunities, Challenges and Value Creation
Florida, USA
23 February

Mobile World Congress**
Barcelona, Spain
24-26 February 2014

Disruptive Innovation in Clinical Trials**
London, UK
4-5 March 2014

Mobile Health Strategies for Lifescience
Philadephia, USA
12 March 2014

EyeforPharma Summit**
Barcelona, Spain
18-20 March 2014

mHealth in Clinical Trials Congress
Glasgow, Scotland
20-21 March 2014

Health2.0 Manchester: Regulatory requirements for mHealth apps
Manchester, UK
27 March 2014

mHealth Symposium at World of Health IT
Nice, France
2 April 2014

mHealth – Enhancing Cancer Support Care
Milan, Italy
4 April 2014

Health on the Go: the Law and Business of mHealth
Philadelphia, USA
4 April 2014

mHealth for maternal health: bridging the gaps
Boston, USA
7-8 April 2014

Luxembourg, Brussels
9-11 April 2014

Washington DC, USA
9-11 April 2014

mHealth Habitat NHS Hack Day
Leeds, UK
11 April 2014

Imagining the Future of Medicine**
London, UK
21 April 2014

Health2.0Boston: How Helpful Are Mobile Healthcare Apps?
Boston, USA
24 April 2014

Apps for Health
Ontario, Canada
25 April 2014

Healthcare Apps Europe**
London, UK
29-30 April 2014

mHealth Hype or Hope
London, UK
29 April 2014

Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance: Mobile Health Roundtable
Ottawa, Canada
29 April 2014

mHealth Summit Europe**
Berlin, Germany
6-8 May 2014

Mambo: Scaling mHealth Innovations
Vancouver, Canada
8 May 2014

mHealth Habitat Show and Tell
Leeds, UK
14 May 2014

Mobile Health Technology Innovations – Ubiquitous Monitoring Future
Santa Clara, USA
15 May 2014

ATA 2014**
Baltimore, USA
17-20 May 2014

mHealth Summit Asia Pacific**
Sydney, Australia
20-21 May 2014

Wearable Wednesday**
Dublin, Ireland
28 May 2014

Samsung mHealth Announcement**
San Francisco, USA
28 May 2014

mHealth Summit Middle East**
Abu Dhabi, UAE
28-29th May 2014

Doctors 2.0 & You**
Paris, France
5-6 June 2014

European mHealth Conference
Brussels, Belgium
19 June 2014

Digital Health Forum**
London, UK
24 June 2014

RCPsych International Congress**
London, UK
24-26th June 2014

Health2.0London: Mobile Health, is it a reality or still hype?
London, UK
16 July 2014

m:lab East Africa’s Wireless Wednesday on mHealth
Nairobi, Kenya
23 July 2014

mHealth + Telehealth World
Boston, USA
23-25 July 2014

Qualcomm Life Connect**
San Diego, USA
11-12 August 2014

mHealth Israel**
Tel Aviv, Israel
10 September 2014

International Digital Health and Care Congress**
London, UK
10-12 September 2014

MobileMonday Silicon Valley: mHealth Startups – What You Should Know about the Legal and Tech Challenges
Mountain View, CA
15 September 2014

EyeforPharma Value Added Services & Multichannel Marketing Summit**
London, UK
17-18 September 2014

mHealth: for the Mental Health of Tomorrow
Utrecht, Netherlands
23 September 2014

Open Mobile Media: Connected Healthcare 2014
San Diego, USA
14-15 October 2014

International Life Sciences Summit**
Dublin, Ireland
15 October 2014

Wearable Wednesday**
Dublin, Ireland
15 October 2014

University of Oklahoma Health Science Center mHealth Conference**
Oklahoma, USA
16 October 2014

Health Technology Forum: The assessment of medical apps
London, UK
16 October 2014

mHealth Innovations & Start-up Series: Personalized Medicines
New York, USA
22 October 2014

OpalEvents: Mobile Healthcare Summit
Nashville, USA
23-24 October 2014

mHealth Measurement workshop at the NIH
Maryland, USA
29 October 2014

The mHealth Tour**
Dublin, Ireland
3 November 2014

Mobile Monday Kampala: How can mHealth tools help contain an outbreak?
Kampala, Uganda
3 November 2014

The WebSummit**
Dublin, Ireland
4-6 November 2014

Athens, Greece
3-5 November 2014

POC and mHealth Diagnostics Summit
Boston, USA
5-7 November 2014

mHealth Israel: IoT in China
Tel Aviv, Israel
6 November 2014

Mobile Development for Public Health
Washington DC, USA
6 November 2014

Exponential Medicine Conference**
San Diego, USA
9-12 November 2014

Self Care Pharmacy Conference**
London, UK
12 November 2014

mHealth TechSpeak: hosted by the Triangle mHealth Consortium
North Carolina, USA
12 November 2014

mHealthEd’s GetHealth Summit**
Dublin Castle, Ireland
13-14 November 2014

HISI Conference 2014**
Dublin Castle, Ireland
19-20 November 2014

Mobile Health Congress
Meise, Belgium
20 November 2014

MobileMed 2014
Prague, Czech Republic
20-21 November 2014

MobileMonday: Mobile Health and Quantified Self
Dusseldorf, Germany
24 November 2014

WIN mHealth Open Network event,
Birmingham, UK
26 November 2014

Nordic Mobile Healthcare Technology Congress
Copenhagen, Denmark
26/27 November 2014

mHealth: Driving wellness in a connected world (CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF DELEGATE INTEREST)
London, UK
27 November 2014

Mobile Healthcare Briefing,
London, UK

mHealth Summit**
Washington DC, USA
7-11 December 2014

Health Tech Forum: Clinical Evidence for mHealth
Washington DC, USA
11 December 2014

WIN health informatics conference,
University of Warwick, UK
11 December 2014

mHealth Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel
15 December 2014

Global mHealth Initiative seminar at John Hopkins University School of Medicine: Intro to mHealth
Baltimore, USA
17 December 2014

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* We’ll be there ** We’re Chairing/Presenting/Exhibiting

Asides from the meetings you are also very welcome to join us online over in the mHealth networking group (check out some member introductions here if you’re not already a member). Set up on Linkedin in 2008 the group already has more than 5000 members – simply click here to join.

Wherever we can we try to host mHealth networking group meetings – check out the fun we had at the European eHealth Week in Dublin – if you’d like to organise one of these alongside an event please get in touch via the comments and we’ll try and make it happen.

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