My thoughts on the 2013 mHealth Summit as it happens…


This year I thought it might be an idea to write a post that I just keep updating as the event progresses. Refresh this page to see updates.

If there’s one takeaway for me from the 2013 mHealth Summit it’s captured by this excellent “Does your kid have better technology than your business” IBM advert I saw on my travels. The answer is of course yes. Consumer tech has overtaken enterprise tech and this shouldn’t be a surprise eg. Samsung invested over $10B last year on R&D.

As a healthcare professional the tech in your pocket is more advanced than the tech on your workstation, as is the tech in the pocket of the Carers you depend upon and the Patients you care for. It’s also evolving a lot quicker and there’s no industry in the world that comes close to the urgency with which healthcare needs to adopt and make effective use of the tools of our time.

IBM Advert Does your Kid have better Technology than your Business #mHealth13

The “Roundtable on the Future: A Behavioral Health System Without Walls” session was completely organised on paper and a huge amount of the allocated time was used up by having every single individual in the room introducing themselves. Of course we know that most people in healthcare have little idea about the concept or value of effective documentation but the take away for me was that we are really careful not to just preach to healthcare workers and Patients about the value of using mobile tools to document things we need to share and collaborate on but we also use them intimately in the work that we do ourselves.

Throughout the entire conference I didn’t use a single piece of paper. When the usual pause and exchange of business cards happened I simply asked delegates to “follow me @mHealth on twitter” and took a snap of their business card and followed up immediately via email with a prewritten email that I had created and saved to my mobile.

The potential of a round table meeting of such highly educated and experienced professionals (Left-Right: Tom Doub, Centerstone Research Institute, David Aylward, Ashoka, David Chambers, National Institutes of Mental Health, Prof David Mohr, Northwestern University, David Burt, Linked Wellness and Michael Byer, M3Clinician) is immense but we need to move beyond the limits of printed paper and unrecorded discussions (I recorded the entire meeting and will update this post HERE with the podcast when I get a moment) even if it’s just facilitated via an online google document.

Roundtable on the Future conducted via paper #mHealth13

Argentinian Cardiologist Dr Florencia Rolandi (watch her Tedx Río de la Plata talk here in Spanish) continues the mHealth demos long after the exhibition doors close.

Argentinian Cardiologist Florencia Rolandi shows us how to read an Alivecor ECG #mHealth13

Refueling with HIMSS President and CEO Stephen Lieber. Probably the most influential leader in the world when it comes to healthcare IT and I just couldn’t stop myself from asking him “What exactly he meant when he said ‘‘Probably’‘…;)

A quick refuel with Dr Chris Bickford and Stephen Lieber #mHealth13

Interesting to hear Jack Andraka attempt to provide a definition of mHealth in this mHealth+SocialGood panel where he was the only member of the panel who even made an attempt (click here to hear some suggestions from delegates at the mHealth Summit meeting back in 2010):

To me it’s really just democratising healthcare such that no matter where you are in the world, no matter what your background is, what age you are, what gender you are you’ll get the exact same healthcare treatment the exact same standard of diagnostic care

I think this is very interesting when you look to the disparities that exist even in single payer systems like the NHS (eg. Diabetes UK report that Patients in the best areas get four times the number of checks that are being offered in the worst).

I notice he’s also the only member of the panel who looked at his mobile while in front of the camera. Perhaps for bright youngsters the idea of being able to access things on their mobile phone and do things for themselves is now just a presumption that they make as they enter the world of business?

He also left the panel with a very neat answer to the question ‘what’s the biggest challenge that mHealth faces’ which pretty much answers why I prefer to openly blog rather than publish academic papers that can then sit behind inaccessible pay-walls:

I think one of the challenges facing mHealth and in fact across the entire scientific world is the issue of paywalls because 90% of all scientific journals are locked tightly behind paywalls and that means whenever you want to access them they cost $35 per article. Because of this prohibitive cost it makes it exponentially more difficult for researchers to create more mHealth technologies and also really getting the youth interested in mHealth which has become a problem because we see all these big system initiatives but when the Katy Perry single costs 99c’s versus a seminal scientific article costing $35 it’s a bit of a mixed message. So I currently believe we have this kind of knowledge aristocracy where 0.008% of the population – that’s 80 people out of the entire city of New York for example – those are the only people who have access to scientific articles and then you have 20% of the world – people like you or I who have access to the abstracts and the few open access articles, but then there’s 80% of the world – 5.5 Billion people – who don’t have access to the internet. I believe that by abolishing those lower and middle classes of the knowledge aristocracy we can reach this place where it doesn’t matter where you’re from or even if you’re living on less than a dollar a day but you could have access to this same knowledge and the exact same access to healthcare because science and healthcare shouldn’t be a luxury and knowledge shouldn’t be a commodity it should be a basic human right for everyone

Can you begin to imagine the scientific contribution that could be made if we documented consultations and made this rich symptom data available to medical researchers?

Jack Andraka on panel at the mHealth Plus Social #mHealth13

Danish Minister of Health Astrid Krag gave an interesting keynote talk in which it was announced that the Danish government would be investing $7 Billion in the next ten years into it’s hospital system – the last time such a capital investment in building was made at this scale it was in church building back in medieval times. It’s great to learn that the Danish government has ringfenced 20% of these budgets for the IT systems to be used by these care facilities.

Although there was lots of talk about the adoption of Continua Standards by Denmark the examples of mHealth projects the government there are already backing include providing Apple iPads to schizophrenic Patients so that they can be more connected to their care teams using video consultations, health diaries and supportive networks.

“…I am totally convinced that the benefits of mobile health technology are numerous for Patients, Healthcare Professionals and for the Healthcare economy. New and standardised technologies play a major part in enabling the Patient and the healthcare service to unlock great potential however this is not an easy quick fix and the task ahead of us is not simple but when we appreciate the potential gain we can appreciate that it’s definitely worth the effort and healthcare will never be the same once we’re finished…”

Astrid Krag explalains the Danish Governments support for Facetime Consultations #mHealth13

Pacini Medico’s prototype device close up – can’t wait to see the outcomes that can be achieved when you add a bit of Bang & Olufsen Danish industrial design, a pair of wireless headphones and a tailored audiovisual experience in a darkened room:

Pacini Medico Device #mHealth13

Danish Pavilion: I’m very surprised that the UK or Irish governments didn’t take the lead with this initiative but it was great to see so much Danish talent. Exhibiting companies included Contraceptio Aps, DELTA, Pacinimedico, Silverbullet, Sundhed.Dk, Viewcare and Welfare Tech Region.

My personal favorite was Pacinimedico. Pictured below are Gert Skov Peterson (Exec Chairman) and Peter Micheal Nielsen (CEO, musician and Consultant Neurologist!). Combining synchronised sound and vibrations to create a relaxing sensation (that doesn’t damage the ears) I have ordered a prototype and really look forward to putting it through some tests. I think it might hold several keys to how mHealth can further advance the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and sleep therapy markets.

Sound innovation on the Danish Pavilion #mHealth13

Steve Steinhubl MD, Cardiologist and Director of Digital Medicine, Scripts Translational Science Institute: “for thousands of years only Healthcare providers had information… …mHealth democratizes this

Steve Steinhubl MD David Levin MD and Gienna Shaw #mHealth13

Nasrin Dayani, lead, AT&T ForHealth: “I’m the Panini generation and mHealth to the Rescue… …but mHealth apps have still some way to go through simplification to reach their potential

Nasrin Dayani ATT ForHealth #mHealth13

David Levin MD, CMIO, The Cleveland Clinic, asks audience to leave their mobiles ON during his talk…

FierceMobileHealthcare mHealths role in Patient Engagement #mHealth13

Early start for the “mHealth’s Role in Patient Engagement” FierceMobileHealthcare Breakfast chaired by Gienna Shaw, Editor-in-Chief, and organised in partnership with the American Telemedicine Association.

I think the focus shouldn’t be using mHealth to drive ‘Patient Engagement’ but rather making using it to make our healthcare services more engaging in the first place.

mHealths Role in Patient Engagement #mHealth

Richard S Fury MD, Medical Director of my favorite US healthcare provider and mHealth trailbrazer visits 3G Doctor booth and tells us we’re operating at the front in the biggest opportunity in mHealth but to watch out as this area is going to become very competitive as they’re going to provide this for free to KP Patients.

I think the marketing muscle they’ll lend to mobile video consulting services will actually be a good thing for the private independent video consulting service we offer at 3G Doctor and maybe we’ll just have to make do with being there for the other 300+ million Americans (who aren’t Kaiser members):

Richard Fury MD visits 3G Doctor booth #mHealth13

Kate Kim, Senior Manager of Enterprise Strategy at Samsung – the world’s biggest mobile brand – shows us a glimpse into some neat wearable mHealth tech (check out how readable – and senior friendly – they’ve made that ‘Super AMOLED’ screen):

Samsungs Katie Kim wears her mHealth tech on her wrist #mhealth13

Google Glass Explorers visit the 3G Doctor booth during the mHealth Networking Group meetup. Left to Right: Kyle Samani (, John Lynne (, Chris Bickford MD:

Google Glass wearing visitors to the 3GDoctor booth #mHealth13

Kathy McCoy and David J DeNinno visit the 3G Doctor booth for the mHealth Networking Group meetup and share some of their plans for MDAppeView a new site designed to “help you find the best medical apps available, and more importantly, the right medical apps for you or, if you’re a physician, for your patients“:

Kathy McCoy and David DeNinno MDAppeView #mHealth13

China Mobile Scientists Li-Qun Xu (L) and Qingfeng Huang (R) visit the 3GDoctor booth in their search for ways the world’s biggest mobile operator can bring mHealth services to a billion subscribers. Be sure to check out this free mHealth market report that was produced by China Mobile and if you find it hard to understand why a giant like China Mobile is interested in the mHealth work being done by small companies exhibiting at the mHealth Summit in Washington DC consider this single fact: By 2020 China will have a population of seniors (aged >65) that is larger than the TOTAL population of the United States today.

China Mobile Scientists visit the 3GDoctor booth #mHealth13

…and it produces lots of rich data. Can’t wait to trial this back in Europe with Patients we’re remotely monitoring:

Empirical Technologies CareTaker Screenshot of data output #mHealth13

…the CareTaker was very small and easy to use and non-invasively captures vital signs including Blood Pressure, Heart and Respiratory rate. With bluetooth low energy and small form factor and wrist worn design the device could support a variety of long term and critical care monitoring opportunities:

The CareTaker from Empirical Technologies #mHealth13

David Gerdt, President of Empirical Technologies Corporation, visits the 3G Doctor booth and demos some amazing mHealth tech that he’s looking to commercialise after collaboration with the Office of Naval Research and biomedical scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston:

David Gerdt EmpiricalTC and Dr Chris Bickford on 3GDoctor booth #mHealth13

My very good friends from Turkey Dr Cenk Tezcan (L) and Emre Tavsancil (R) visiting mHealth Summit for the first time:

Cenk Tezcan and Emre Tavsancil join us on the 3G Doctor exhibition floor booth mHealth13

Check out this interview of Ester Dyson by Patricia Salber MD, coFounder of Health Innovation Media. I found it fascinating to hear that Ester thinks mHealth will converge to Health (rather than how I think things will pan out eg. we’ll drop the ‘health’ as taking care of our health just becomes another thing we do with our mobiles):

…the topic itself (mHealth) is kind of what Steve Case said – we used to call it email and we’re now calling it mHealth but in the end it really is just Health itself, these devices (points to wrists full of gadgets) are just one of many tools. The goal in a sense is to make the ‘m’ disappear because you take it for granted: well of course I’ve got my data handy, of course it comes with me, and of course it’s connected to the data that the Doctor has and maybe data about the weather so I can see the impact of the weather on my mood or how much I exercise depends on going outside, you know all these things you just take it for granted. When it disappears is when it’s really successful…

The Quantified Self movement seems to be awash with confusion but I think it’s interesting to note that for the fitness/tracking devices that Ester points to on her wrists we’ve already seen the outcome as they converged with mobile years ago and their functionality is now just something that people expect to get with a mobile phone (eg. in Japan activity tracking went native 5 years ago and it’s now just a feature of even the most easy to use Raku Raku mobiles that are used today by tens of millions of senior citizens, Samsung is going for gold as it takes health data sensing native and making it just another thing you expect of your mobile, etc).

Ester Dyson shows off her mHealth gadgets in interview with Patricia Salber at mHealthSummit 2013

Ester Dyson visits the 3GDoctor booth wearing her 23andMe jacket – one of the key investors that innovative mHealth startups look to.

Dr Bickford and Ester Dyson meet #mHealth13

Sanotron CEO Michael Bidu looks very happy with his Telcare caricature:

Michael Bidu shows off his Telcare caricature #mHealth13

Denis Khitrov from SwissMedMobile visits the 3G Doctor booth:

Denis and Dr Bickford #mHealth13

Lee Sang-Won and Lee Byung-Goan from the Korean Health Industry Development Institute visit the 3G Doctor booth in high spirits after getting their caricatures drawn on the Telcare booth:

Lee Sang Won and Lee Byung Goan KHIDI show off their Telcare portraits #mHealth13

Delegate visiting the Alivecor kiosk on the Qualcomm booth proves smiles are infectious. Get your heart checked and become an AF’er!

All smiles on the Alivecor ECG Booth #mHealth13

The massive Verizon booth was all about promoting mHealth. Couldn’t get a consensus on a definition for the record from anyone on the booth (try the one I’ve suggested?) but was offered some nice badges that read “I impact my own mHealth”, “I make mHealth a habit”, “My health is mHealth” and “mHealth feels great”:

Verizon Booth Badges

Kent Dicks doing a TV interview on the Alere Booth:

Kent Dicks Alere meets the press #mHealth

It proved to be an effective strategy as the interest from the delegates was so positive that some panelists didn’t even make it off the stage!

Delegates engaging with speakers #mHealth13

After asking my panelists to not give us their company pitch but to share insights and lessons from their experiences so a big thank you to the audience for appreciating this and engaging with them after panel:

Thank you to all the audience members who came up to learn more about working with our panelists after their presentations #mHealth13

Anoo Nathan introducing her smart watch that watches out for epileptic fits.

Anoo Nathan SmartWatch #mHealth13

Jerry Korten telling session that you can teach an old dog new tricks – wheeze:

Jerry Korten Wheeze You can teach old dogs new tricks #mHealth13

Agamatrix’s Stuart Blitz (@StuartBlitz) presenting on panel in Maryland B:

Stuart Blitz Agamatrix #mHealth13

If you have any questions for the panel simply tweet me @mHealth…

Adopting mHealth Strategies to Remain Competitive #mHealth13

Off to lead the “Adopting mHealth Strategies to Remain Competitive” panel up in Maryland B. Join me there or catch us back at the booth in 90 mins…


Chris Hill, AT&T: “Healthcare will be transformed by Mobile”

Chris Hill ATT What to expect next #mhealth13

Chris Hill, AT&T: Global single SIM’s are enabling global deployments of M2M (think smoke alarms and Glucometers) that are going to disrupt the business models for European mobile operators in mHealth.

Chris Hill ATT Global Single SIM #mHealth13

Chris Hill, AT&T: Big big data theme to this talk. Sharing stories of refrigerators, trains and containers being shipped through global supply chains around the world. Fascinating scale via partners like GE.

Chris Hill ATT BIG DATA #mHealth13

Just got my digital caricature done on the Telcare booth. Incredibly talented artist – lot’s of fun and very quick…

David Doherty caricature on Telcare Booth at #mHealth13

Limbering up on the VNA Health Group booth before the opening of the exhibition floor with a little help from iYoga from 3D4Medical:

Day 1 before the show opens and exhibition staff prepare for the day with the iYoga mHealth app #mHealth13

3G Doctor booth #917 is ready. Great exhibitor experience – thanks to the very hardworking professionals at HIMSS & Freemans.

3GDoctor booth ready #mHealth13

Steve Case, founder, AOL: “It wasn’t until 1991 that it became legal to connect a commercial service to the internet

Billionaire Steve Case Revolution presenting at mHealth13

Dr Jordan Shlain, Health Advisor, The Aspen Institute is now presenting on how apps will save your life and the announces that his firm HealthLoop has secured a $10million venture funding round!

Apps already save the lives of my friends, family and any Patients I screen with my Alivecor ECG – become an AF’er yourself today.

Jordan Shlain keynote #mHealth13

Rick Valencia, Founder and General Manager, Qualcomm Life sets the tempo for the 5th annual mHealth Summit with opening keynote in which he shared details of the teams that have their hearts set on Qualcomm’s Tricorder X Prize – a $10 million competition to bring healthcare to the palm of your hand through a tricorder device like that seen in Star Trek.

Rick Valencia Qualcomm Life #mHealth13 opening keynote

I’m now completely convinced that the Google Glass opportunity in healthcare is going to be led by Consumers and Patients – can you imagine when they have the TunePal app running on GoogleGlass!

Irish Music on Google Glass imagine having every single tune

“Google Glass post this picture of Dr Chris Bickford wearing Kaiser Permanente’s Google Glass to my livestream #mHealth13 blog post…”

Dr Chris Bickford giving Google Glass the thumbs up #mHealth13

Donald Kosiak MD: “we need to learn from the likes of the NSA about how do work with large data volumes…”

Andrew Watson MD #mHealth13

Jeffrey Benabio MD: “we had a Patient in San Diego who sent an email every 15 mins about her bowel movements… …what use can I get from looking at your fitbit data?

A great example of why we need to help Patients with properly designed means of using structured forms (rather than blank emails that offer little direction/focus) to share symptom info with us.

HealthcareITNews Breakfast mhealth13

At HealthIT News (sponsored by Symantec) “The World is my Waiting Room” executive breakfast Andrew Watson MD Centre for Connected Health tells packed room of delegates: “I don’t know why 70% of my Patients come in to see me in the office… …in a few years 85% of my workload will be remotely managed

Notes: a) Click here to learn how any GP can effectively manage more than 40% of their workload today. b) Read Escape Fire!

HealthITNEws Breakfast at mHealth Summit 2013

It’s not all about work. With talented Irish dancing champions crowding the hotel it’s time for some fun on Sunday night after the Venture+ Forum networker:

Irish dancing during networking #mHealth13

Arthur Peabody, BlueCross BlueShield Association, outlines the key issues facing healthcare service providers using cloud based data in the mHealth Law Track:

Arthur Peabody BCBS presenting in the mHealth Law Track #mHealth13

mHealth Law Track has drawn a very serious suited audience – I’ve got most of it recorded – will get the podcast loaded here later as much of the content is fascinating but very complex.

mHealth Law Track at #mHealth13

Dr Patricia Salber, DocWeighsIn, leads final closing plenary along with @amillman and @elliotmenschik at Venture+ Forum wearing her beautiful Walking Gallery Jacket – next up the winners will be announced!

Patricia Salber Elliot Menschik and Lisa Suennen plenary at Venture+ Forum #mHealth13

Great WIPJam “unpanel” session on “Beyond the App – Wearables and the Internet of Things” moderated by Sanotron’s Michael Bidu featuring Paul Farmer @famhost and Matthew Milner/Matt Milner of BrainFX). A couple of my blog posts on the m2m mHealth opportunity are here and here.

WIPJam m2m session #mHealth13

Interesting to learn that the new distinctive ‘Anchor Man’ styling is inspired by Alexander’s hero Bill Gates: Interesting to learn that the new distinctive ‘Anchor Man’ styling is inspired by Alexander’s hero Bill Gates:

Inspired by Bill Gates Dr Alexander Borve #mHealth13

Dr Alexander Borve of (the company who gave MedGadget the “when iOS met STDs” article) presenting at WIPJam:

iDoc presenting at WIPJam #mHealth13

Ethan Siegal. “I’m a Physician who develops Clinical Decision Support solutions and I want to talk to clinicians about how you feel about discussing costs with Patients. If you’re a Patient do you think about costs of care and what resources do you use if you do”;

Ethan Siegal mhealth13

Michael Levy Emergency Doctor from speaks up at WIPJam’s Marketplace: “we have what’s essentially a pager on steroids!” #WhatsAPager

MartketPlace at WipJam at #mHealth13

We have problems with clinicians smoking here at mHealth Summit (see the guy in the white coat standing in the snow/cold). Don’t the delegates here all have enough mobiles and apps to fidget with?

Clinician outside the mHealth Summit smoking

WIPJam’s legendary “Marketplace pitches: you’re up!” for the next half hour. A great way of ensuring speakers don’t feel the need to pitch their companies in their talks. Short, to the point and a great way of ensuring the following lunch is a great networker as everyone’s putting out their to do lists:

Marketplace pitches at WIPJam #mHealth13

Todd Moore Q&A with audience at WIPJam after his “Common pitfalls in 1st time app development: 10 ways to fail”. I’ve talked to Apple and it’s recognised they will have to roll out a “s*** I’ve made a mistake” button:

Todd Moore q&a at WIPJam #mHealth13

In Healthcare it’s actually quite easy you just have to repurpose what has been done in other industriesJack Young, Qualcomm Life. Leaves me wondering why they’ve only done 11 investments:

Jack Young Good Timing for startups and ample opportunities for investors #mHealth13

Venture+ Forum at the mHealth Summit has drawn a fascinating audience. A full room of investors interested in funding mHealth have made it through the snow to Washington DC on a Sunday morning #WouldNeverHappenInEurope

Venture+ Forum at mHealth Summit 2013

The guy in Jack’s “Rapidly aging population” slide looks familiar: The guy in Jack’s “Rapidly aging population” slide looks familiar:

Rapidly Aging Population Jack Young at Venture Forum #mHealth13

30 seconds into Qualcomm Life’s Jack Young talk and he mentions my good friends Eric Topol and Dr Dave Albert as examples of how “everyone now gets it” after their respective primetime Colbert Show and CNN TV appearances. I have a strong feeling that this is going to be a common thread to this years event as the world’s finally catching up with these great clinician entrepreneurs:

Jack Young everybody gets it now thanks to Dr Dave Albert and Eric Topol Venture Forum at mHealth Summit

Qualcomm Life’s Jack Young opens Venture+ Forum sharing his perspectives on where Qualcomm are going to invest next with the $100 Million fund he leads:

Jack Young Qualcomm Life opening talk at Venture Plus Forum at the mHealth Summit

The world’s most connected and accomplished mHealth exec Richard Scarfo, Director of the mHealth Summit/HIMSS, opens the Venture+ forum. I’m looking forward to hearing the pitches from a dozen mHealth up starts – check out a quick snap shot look at the companies:

Richard Scarfo opens the Venture Plus Forum at mHealth Summit 13

I’ll also be here for the entire event – please stop me if you have any mHealth news or have seen anything cool I should share: I’ll also be here for the entire event – please stop me if you have any mHealth news or have seen anything cool I should share:


Two people you need to meet at mHealth Summit: Dr Chris Bickford MD, Scripts Health (working with us here at 3G Doctor) & Sakari Lang, VP at iStoc ex-mHealth lead at Nokia who’s enjoying the mild weather today in DC:

Dr Chris Bickford R and Sakari Lang L at mHealth Summit 2013

Richard Mendis or AnyPresence giving great tips on App Design and the critical importance of usability to adoption eg. “Focus on task completion with the least # of steps, Simplify: what is the minimum needed to complete the task?

Richard Mendis AnyPresence presenting at WIPJam at mHealth Summit 2013

First up at WIPJam is Jeff Hazelton, BIOLUCID (Booth #528): First up at WIPJam is Jeff Hazelton, BIOLUCID (Booth #528):

Jeff Hazelton of BioLucid presenting at WIPJam at mHealth Summit 2013

“you know you guys are going to have to start wearing more T-Shirts as you get into developing more” Caroline Lewko, Founder & CEO, WipJam:

WipJam on a Sunday Morning and room is 70% full at the start and remaining seats filling quickly with suits mostly

WIPJam’s Caroline Lewko kicking off by setting down the ground rules for WIPJam. One day ALL medical conferences will use these!

Caroline Lewko presenting Ground Rules for WipJam at mHealth Summit 2013

Be sure to go down to the ballrooms to view the competition – incredibly talented youngsters. Be sure to go down to the ballrooms to view the competition – incredibly talented youngsters.

Oireachtas 2013 Gaylord Hotel Washington DC

Great to see the Oireachtas 2013 competition being also held at the Gaylord Convention centre. Two of my greatest passions (Irish Music/dance and mHealth) in one place!

Oireachtas plus mHealthSummit

Didn’t really think I would get the chance to demo Alivecor Vet at mHealth Summit… Didn’t really think I would get the chance to demo Alivecor Vet at mHealth Summit…

And you thought I wouldnt get to talk mVeterinaryHealth here #mHealth13

Great to see so many interesting mHealth networking group members signed up for Monday – is your name on the list yet?


Looking forward to tomorrows panel that I’ll be leading – meeting now with a panelist for coffee…

mHealth13 Adopting mHealth Stratgies to Remain Competitive

Excellent signage makes it easy to navigate the huge venue: Excellent signage makes it easy to navigate the huge venue:

giant on site signage removes any doubt about where you are mHealth13

Welcome to National Harbour, took me 1 min to pick up badge – the registration process has been improved greatly this year but bring your barcode to make things even quicker…

Registration centre for the mHealth Summit 2013

And you’re wrong if you think they’ll just be used to babysit the kidz… And you’re wrong if you think they’ll just be used to babysit the kidz…

US Airport Restaurants equipped with iPads #mHealth13

Very welcoming bit of text positively invites travellers to try out the iPads. Very welcoming bit of text positively invites travellers to try out the iPads​ (whoever wrote that copy has a career in mHealth)​.

Use our iPads for Free

Apple iPads absolutely everywhere in this US airport… Apple iPads absolutely everywhere in this US airport…

Apple iPads everywhere

Can’t be long before mHealth companies are tailoring their offerings to directly appeal to buyers using Best Buy’s increasingly popular vending machines (related: is a back to school ad proof that your mHealth offer is consumer ready):

are you ready to sell your mHealth tech in a vending machine #mHealth13

Great to see mHealth tech selling so well at US Airports and being plugged as “ideal gift idea”:

mHealth tech selling in US Airports