Who’s leading the charge in Digital Health (Answer = Doctors who are engaging with Patients online)

…it’s kind of interesting, my other panelists Donna Cryer and Hugo Campos, noted that they had really great relationships with Doctors online, infact many times better relationships there than they actually had with their treating physicians and it’s not actually that surprising because the truth is for a Doctor to talk to ‘their’ Patients online is very different to talking to Patients online because it’s very easy to slip into a medical advice and treating which would potentially be a problem so it’s the Doctors who are out there who I think are really trying to learn from the Patients online experience that are really leading the charge… …the thing I think is very interesting is that they both have experiences where their Physicians really weren’t interested in having them participating in care, and so the thing that really stood out for me is that the Doctors who are online and engaging with Patients online … the reason they are doing that is because they want to learn from the Patients, they are spending their discretionary time learning. And the conclusion we came to was we want that kind of Doctor. We want the type of Doctor that is passionately invested in giving their discretionary time and working with their Patients because the Patients are, you know, the most untapped source of medical information on the planet

Related: Watch this video of John Bachman MD, Professor of Primary Care at the Mayo Clinic, explaining how you can use online tools to tap the contribution that Patients want to make to transform the access we have to a quality healthcare system that can evolve rapidly based on individual experiences.

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